Mommy diaries: Celine


Meet Celine: A treasured friend from high school.  I'm very happy that we've stayed close as I feel a special bond with her.  Not too sure if it's the shared loved of NKOTB or the fact that she has pretty much the same relationship as I do with my family, but regardless she has been a friend that I have loved growing up with.
I admire her tight knit relationship with her family- it makes me want to work harder at teaching my children the importance of cousins and how they can be just like siblings too.
I enjoy spending time with her. She makes me laugh.
I am thankful for her easy going nature.  I don't think I've ever seen her mad.
I think other moms would enjoy her love for life and great parties that her and her husband throw.  Celine and Jaret remind me of Dan and myself in many ways.
This is Celine:

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