Mommy diaries: Carmen


Meet Carmen:  a stunning friend who is the retainer of all our memories of being crazy girls. One call to Carm and she'll hash out all the details about anything we may have forgotten.  Carmen also has a generous heart, often stretching herself further than she can go: she's the type of friend who'd drop anything to help you out.  
She is always on the go, whether she's bringing Koen somewhere or doing something for this committee or that friend or this family member.  100% all the time, that's Carm.  
On top of managing her life, Carmen is a dedicated mom.  She is very educated and researches any parenting strategy to ensure it'll be just right for her busy little man.  Doing all of this while her husband works away is not easy on her, but you'll rarely hear her complain.  To me, Carmen is the master puppeteer, carefully managing all the strings in her life, rarely missing a beat.
I admire her willingness to share, whether it's books, clothes, food, memories....the list could go on foreva.
I enjoy my visits with her, they always leave me laughing and wanting to spend more time with her.
I am thankful for her years of friendship.  Sometimes we'll go awhile without talking or seeing each other, but that doesn't really ever seem to matter much as the minute we're all together its as if we've never been apart.
I think other moms would benefit from her commitment to anything that comes her way.  When Carmen's in, guaranteed she gives it her all.
This is la Carmina: 

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  1. Aw, thank you Deena, your kind words are a real mood booster!! :)I love this idea and learning about all the other moms :)


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