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Meet Annick:  We were sistered/twinned together in a Qu├ębec/Saskatchewan exchange back in 1995.  Who knew that almost 20 years later we'd have a lasting relationship and children just months apart.  We obviously don't see each other often (the last time was when Dan and I visited her on our honeymoon) but that doesn't matter to me.  We shared an awesome experience together and will always have that bond.  
I admire her sense of style.  I've seen pictures of her new home and adore her decorating.
I enjoy our random emails.  It makes me feel closer to her.
I am thankful for an experience 15 years ago that introduced me to not only a great family, Les Richard, but also to a beautiful province and culture that has shaped a huge part of who I've become. In fact, when I started blogging, one of my first topics was Annick.  See here.
I think other moms would appreciate the love that emulates from her.  She is very caring about everything and everyone.

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