Sometimes its easy to get caught up in the negative or more difficult aspects of life;  the whiny child, the messy house, and the junk at work.  But then something happens, something that is bigger than you that renews you and makes you believe again.  These moments happen more often than not but it's hard to recognize them or focus on them when we're consumed by the negative.
Willis seems to think that now would be a good time to hit the terrible twos, with pouty tantrums punctuating the days and pushing to my limits in patience.  But, just when I can't take it anymore, he grabs my hand, looks in my eyes amidst the tears and says "Mommy, you're my best friend, I love you".  So, why then can't I remember those moments when I'm challenged the most? 
Work is the same.  Granted, right now I'm only teaching part time and I happen to be teaching the grade 10s who are a wonderful group.  But there'll be days and moments when I just wonder what I'm doing there, putting up with some of the "stuff" that goes down in a high school classroom.  A couple of "difficult" students can make or break a class and it's easy to let that dominate your day.  But then there'll be a student who'll make you smile and remind you why high school kids aren't bad.  One particular student came to my desk yesterday with a gift for my baby; she had hand painted a pair of white shoes, decorating them with quotes from a novel we studied last year; Le Petit Prince.
This also happens to be one of my favourite books and she used a couple of the best quotations: Il faut chercher avec le coeur et Les enfants seuls savent ce qu'ils cherchent.  Unfortunately this book is quite deep despite it's drawings and length and well, most adults, let alone grade 9s can wrap their brains around it.  But she got it and that makes me smile. If you're interested in reading it, you can also get an English translation.
That wasn't the only occasion this week that I got to bear witness to the true good in life.  Thursday was Holy Cross' 10th Boxed Lunch Auction.  Basically each homeroom comes up with a lunch that they auction off and the money raised goes to Development and Peace.  Over the 10 years the auction has grown, with each senior class trying to outbid the previous year and the teachers for the privilege of the lunch hosted in the staff room.  I was floored last year when the 12s had raised around 13,000$ by themselves and the school having a total of close to 25,000$ raised.  This year, they did it again and raised 17,000$....and they only had 4,000$ in the morning. It's incredible to witness the spirit in the gym and to see kids doing good for the sake of good.  As a school, over 30,000$ was raised and will be going to three different organizations.  What is really neat is that next year's travel club that is going to Peru will be able to visit one of the organizations that received some of this money.  Talk about witnessing the goodness of God in the world.
I tried to find the clip of the Boxed Lunch Auction that was covered on CBC last night, but couldn't. I wish you could see the atmosphere, it would truly renew your faith in the world and maybe help you remember, in your moments of weakness, that there really is something to smile about.  It did for me anyway.

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