Confessions of a Friendoholic.


"Carmen, you're embarassing me."
"That is a shitty cupcake!" "Seriously, did you see all those people doing Tai Chi?!"
"Christy, stop touching my butt"
Every year since 2006 we've gotten together for a girl's weekend in Edmonton. This year is year 5, hense the more adventuresome trip to Vancouver. One day down, one day to go.
Here are our highlights:
Carmen: riding the skytrain and the escalator. Her inner child has taken over her body in more ways than one.
Candace: Our fashion show of our daily purchases in the condo after 4 gruelling hours in the mall.
Christy: having to tap out after hitting the jackpot in Smart Set, of all stores. Especially excited-Christy style, jumping up and down- about her leggings.
Deena: becoming fashion consultant at the stores for the girls because she's too large and in charge and can't fit normal clothes therefore significantly reducing her ability to buy clothes.
Smoking green beans. I'm so cool.

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