Lessons on feeling instantly younger


I learned today that it doesn't take much to shave 15 yrs off my mental age and that it can be the most refreshing thing when it does happen.
Interested? I thought you'd be. It's an easy transformation, all you need is 6 hours.
1- Hop in the car with a good friend on a beautiful sunshiny day. Make sure this friend is one that you haven't seen in a bit and could use some time to catch up so you have non stop chatter/giggles while you reminisce/vent/ponder for the 1.5 hour drive back to PA while your little cuddly boy sleeps soundly in the back seat.

2-Drop now awake cuddly boy off at trusty parent's house for some quality grandparents time.

3- Visit another old friend, her hubby and 3 busy kids. Be amazed at how you may not talk to someone very often, but you still feel like it was yesterday and you were in grade 8, having water fights and making up excuses to dump boys. Love you, Ali.
4- Go to a baby shower for one of the neatest people you knew in your life, lost touch with and now gratefully have her back. Said old friend, Jyl, is one that you wrote 100 page letters to in grade 8 to get away from cliquey friends. She was the one that you spent all your time with in ringette season doing ridiculous things like throwing orange peels into the opposing team's dressing room. You also enjoyed drooling over various boys with her. Especially her brothers. Well I did anyway. Reminisce as your muscle memory drives you back to her parent's place where you haven't been in 16 years. 16. Wow. That's an entire lifetime for a teenager.

5- After baby shower head to Welcome Inn for a snowdrift but find out they don't have cookies and cream ice cream so settle for a coke slush instead. A lifetime's worth of sugary goodness crammed into a medium cup. Take pictures with Carmen and giggle some more. Ponder the teenager's ability to eat fries with gravy and 2 slushes a day on a regular basis during high school and not become morbidly obese. Would not be able to handle that now :(. Discuss how we should've added in a trip to the Gateway Mall, some drive bys of ex's houses and some 90s Jock Jams to our road trip.
6- Pick up cuddly son from doting grandparents and head on way back to Saskatoon.
7- Still manage to find subjects to talk about on the 1.5 hour trip back home and marvel at how quickly it goes by.
Today was a huge success. I definitely will be doing more of this in the future. Road trip, anyone?


  1. I'm in, I'm in!! So happy to hear you both had a nice day. It is moments like this that I miss being so far away. It just means we ahve to be more goofy when we see each other as we don't get to do it as often. Vancouver is just around the corner and I plan to act like a crazy teenager the whole weekend... look out!


Have a lovely day!

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