The Mommy Diaries

This series ran in April of 2011.  The following ladies discussed their best advice, their most recommended products, their fail-proof meals, most frustrating challenges and their highlights of motherhood so far.  These posts are geared towards the new mom, and contain some great advice!

Kyla  Lisa P.  Alison  Sara  Monique  Christy  Rae  Jyl  Tanya  Lisa W.  Kerri  Heidi  Carmen  Colleen  RenĂ©e  Alynne  Tara  Candace  Jenn  Jody  Elaina  Celine  Jordan  Annick  Mom  Erin  Melissa  Jodee  Liz  Deena

This series ran in December of 2011 and these ladies shared some of their random thoughts on the best way to spend a rainy day to their Christmas traditions.
Candace  Heidi  Mel  Jyl  Melissa  Rae  Alynne  Carmen  Jordan  Jodi  Annick  Christy  Kyla  Liz   Christa  Kim  Becky  Sara  Monique  Elaina  Deena Image Map
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