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I am from batting gloves, from never-ending hugs and kisses
I am from the welcoming smell of freshly baked cookies
I am from chores and telephones and being on time.
I am from the delphiniums and colourful flower beds and the tall birch whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.
I'm from la reveillon and from grandparents and what would your Grandmother think about that?
I'm from loyalty, the sign of the cross and from love.
I'm from strength and minding your manners and peace begins with a smile
I'm from hardworking prairie pioneers and all things french.
From deeply rooted friendships built on ball diamonds and on the ice whose memories are shared in laughter and tears, snowdrifts and five cent candies, or with a cold beer and clam.

Always knowing that your relationships come first and will find their way home.
From traditions and celebrations and passing them on to my children.
But mostly, I am from love.

Based on the poem "I am from" by George Ella Lyon

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  1. Your site looks a little different Deena I like it. Grief is so hard, people deal with it in different ways and there is no right or wrong way, no good or bad. I’m so sorry for you loss, thank you for sharing something so personal with all of us.


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