Day 2: Rest and Relax


There were many options for what we could have done today: organized winery tours, bike rides, canoeing but we opted for the rest and relax option.  With everyone gone on a wine tour, we had the castle to ourselves and enjoyed the pool and the grounds.
Also, it is so freaking hot.
Which is amplified by lack of air flow and air conditioning- two luxuries I'll never take for granted again.

So to summarize, it's hot out and we played in the pool all day. 

Well that's not totally true- we also ate a lot of bread.  Willis was raving about the croissants and jam at breakfast- I knew he'd love it here.

We were going to take the bikes into town but then we remembered heat wave and decided to lure Uncle Josh into an adventure with us mostly because he has a car but really because he's fun to be around.  We drove into the small town of Siorac-en-Perigord and ate at the tastiest little restaurant- le Trèfle à quatre feuilles.  Remind me to order the duck next time we go out- I also chicken out but then regret it when I snitch a bite from someone else.  The kids did awesome with the accent here and were able to order on their own.

The afternoon was more pool and play and then the chateau got packed with all the guests for a BBQ and Folk Music.  We did some dancing too, at which point everyone was so sweaty that the pool was standing room only.   I opted for a cold bath instead while Lucia had her quiet time before bed.

Tomorrow is the big day so we'll be busy readying ourselves to celebrate a marriage!

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