A wedding in the French countryside


Sometimes people walk into your lives and change everything.
Leah is that person for us.
She has this smile that lights up a room and this calming, loving presence that just leaves you craving more.  She inspires you to be a better person and leaves you believing in yourself a little more.  I doubt she realizes she does that, but she does.  And we are so blessed to have her as family.

Yesterday we celebrated a beautiful wedding in the most fairytale of settings. We stood beside our Chris as he promised a life of love to Leah.  It was a beautiful and very hot day and one that we won't likely forget.

A little about the wedding.  They wanted something different, a destination wedding that wasn't Mexico.  I remember them talking about their yard in their new home in Kelowna but it's being renovated so that wasn't an option.  There was talk of Italy, there was talk of France.  In the end they picked a castle in the middle of the french countryside, 2 hours out of Bordeaux.  It was a small wedding with just 60ish people with people stay on site and in little places around the Castle.

The wedding took place on the Castle grounds and had a very relax and personal vibe.  Their closest friends and family stood around them as they said their vows.  I would have taken more pictures but I was the "officiant" with zero power to actually marry them but 100% power to walk them through it.  Spoiler alert - I got choked up and cried. 

The kids were involved and gave them their rings and then proceeded to have massive meltdowns, mostly because of photos and the inability to smile. And it was super hot and sweaty.

There was a couple hours of down time between the intimate ceremony and the meal, they had a 4 piece band walking around serenading and free-flowing champagne and canapes.  The meal took place in the backyard that has the most amazing view of the countryside, speckled with small french towns. We even had to jump in the pool in between courses in order to cool off.

A magical day came to a close early for us as the kids needed sleep which is sometimes a blessing as a parent  when you're exhausted too.  Exhausted or really sweaty, whatever.

We are so blessed to have a new aunty/sister and can't wait to spend more time with the newlyweds!

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