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Here's the thing.
I look at these pictures and I typically would see my flaws, you know, the things that make me want to never take photos of myself again or just wear a giant paper bag.   We all do it to ourselves- that inner mean girl has a knack for taking over the dialogue in our head.  
You know the one, she (I am going to name mine Darla) (I apologize if any reader's names are Darla...) (that's awkward), Darla points out how that angle makes me look giant, or she questions my choice in outfit.  
Darla is a pest, she makes me feel bad. She's a nuisance and she has no place in my life.

I'm 40 now and I don't have time for that shit.

I want to be uplifted and motivated, I want to feel like my heart is on fire.  I want to be surrounded by people who believe in me and who push me to be the best version of myself possible.  I want to celebrate the big moments, like turning 40 but also the little moments, like friendship and I want to wake up feeling so damn good about myself that I have no choice but to go out and do good.

That is what these pictures do for me.  These are the best of the best (according to me) from our photoshoot with Larissa (Lovely Roots Photography) and they highlight everything I aspire in life:  Strong, confidant women who feel good in their skin and go out and change the world by doing little and big things.  And sure, we don't always feel amazing but one look at these pictures and I sure as well do.  
I need to get these blown up and framed to remind me of how powerful we can be.

Let me tell you a little bit about these women.  These are the friends who have been narrating the playbook of my life since before high school.  Christy was my bff since day one of kindergarten, Alynne and Candace were friends in elementary school and same for Sara and Carmen.  We all may have come from different elementary schools, went to different high schools (okay, just me) but we all we brought together and have stayed that way through thick and through thin.  

What's unique about this friendship, aside from the longevity,  is the sisterly nature of it.  We know each other inside and out and see through the faults and failings with love.   We support each other through the trials but we also are right there in all the celebrations. 

These women are my rocks and they are all so beautiful.

And isn't it a magical thing when people see you and know your worth and want so badly for you to live your best damn life that you almost kinda start to do it because they believe?  My hope is that my friends are able to look at these pictures and see their absolute beauty and worth, but also that they see the strength that they have behind them, nudging, poking and sometimes shoving along the way.

I loved this photoshoot.  I love that when I'm GrannyDeena, I'll be looking back and thinking, damn- we were beautiful, weren't we?  I love these photos because they remind me of what I'm capable of when I have such an empowering team of women behind me.
Cheers and thanks gals for letting me celebrate friendship through photography.

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