Celebrating 40...me for the last time. For reals.


This is the year we all turn 40.  

Coincidentally, I have officially started referring to this year as the year of the upgrades as everything is going to be that much better in our 40s: my attitude, my self care, my relationships and all the fun.
Candace was the first to celebrate with her birthday of choice (you can read about it here) and this past weekend the girls came together to celebrate me.

The concept this year is that it's your party and you choose what you want to.  For me, the ideal night was getting fancied up, photos with my friends, a killer meal and time together after.  Bonus for this was that my true blue, Christy came down from Calgary to celebrate so you know, we "needed" a hotel room for our slumber party/snuggle session. 

We started the night doing our girlsquad photos with Larissa from Lovely Roots....it isn't always the most comfortable thing to do but I have grown to love becoming the person I see behind the photos.  Larissa makes you feel insanely comfortable and amazingly I always feel my self confidence start to boost when we're working together.
Truth be told,   I don't always feel awesome about myself but somehow seeing myself the way others do serves as a slap to wake me up out of a self doubt funk...my wish was that my friends could experience that too and see themselves they way I see them.

After a deadly meal at Carver's (seriously, the steak...) we came back to the room to get cozy (and put on our new Britney shirts) for some quality time together.  I could've just sat there and laughed my face off with them, but they had a whole night planned.

Sara wrote me a touching (and rhyming!) toast

Christy made me a calendar of memories because apparently 20 years ago I made her one.  We were all in tears laughing at all the crazy moments she captured.

She even brought the calendar I made her 20 years ago and then that provided a million more ab workouts of laughter.  Which are the best kind, by the way.

Finally Alynne had made a Britney trivia game (which I really sucked at) and Carmen had a voting game that brought even more laughter. Seriously, my friends are the best.

The night was perfect for me in so many ways and really, you could have thrown me into almost any situation and as long as I had my friends by my side, we would have found our fun.  But the thing I loved about what we did was that we celebrated the shit out of our friendship and captured our current beauty- imperfections and all- at a girlsquad photo session.  I guarantee  in 20 years from now when 60 year old Deena is looking back, she'll be grateful that the current level of awesome was celebrated.
This is me now and I want to enjoy it.
I. Am. Here.
Cheers to 40.

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