The Last Day: All of Paris. Wine included.


If you were to have a day in Paris to cover the essential- what would you do?

Well that was our day and I think we killed it.  Here's what we covered:

We Good Fridayed at Sainte Chapelle. I could worship in a church that has stain glass like that everyday.  Although, we weren't too thrilled with more claustrophobic spinny stairs than necessary. We saw three amazing spaces of worship in our stay: an oldass cathedral built in the 13th century while in Aix, Sacre Coeur and Sainte Chapelle.   It was Notre Dame I wanted to see the most, after teaching le Bossu de Notre couldn't even get close to it.  Sigh.  Some day. 
But Sainte Chapelle was pretty damn beautiful- mostly cause of the stain glass.  But it came in second place for me.  In third was Sacre Coeur but only because it was soooo busy.  The cathedral in Aix was my fave- it was simple and beautiful and super old.

After Sainte Chapelle we had the most delicious breakfast à la French right down to the people watching.   Fresh croissants, jam, fresh pressed OJ, coffee, baguettes and cheese. Seriously. I think the food may be the thing I miss the most.  If there weren't so many pretty old things to look at we could have spent all our time eating and people watching. 

We did wander and look at the pretty, but also we did get distracted by shopping and pretty things like white sneakers and blue pleated skirts.  When in Rome....

The Louvre was covered...kinda quickly- we saw the essential: the Mona Lisa (which was bigger than I had pictured it) (and also way too annoying with people) the Egypt stuff and Venus de Milo and then Jordan, Abbie and I got real tired and found the little things way too funny and ended up doing our own tour (and of course narrating it on instastory).  We are clearly overtired.

Our perfect day (I mean it was also my 40th so there's that) was ended with a boat cruise supper up the Seine which was lovely.

Here are the things I loved most about this trip...which I feel are going to eventually get their own post once I wrap my brain around my thoughts.  But anyway:
- the conversations
- the food
- the old things
- the friendship.

And now I'm 40 and I am so perfectly happy and life is good, people.

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