The Art of Celebrating


You could say that I was brought up under the tutelage of party planners extraordinaire, and this was prior to the glory of pinterest and ridiculous theme parties that everyone seems to throw now, even for their animals.
We celebrated a ton- not in the go out, get hammered and stumble home, forgetting where you put your underwear type of celebrating....I mean, I did partake in that too during the formative university years, but I'm talking more of the celebrate life type of way.

My fave book we used in my childhood to pick out our party themes

Christy, how many of these parties did you attend.....

There were elaborate parties for milestone birthdays and anniversaries, there were mortgage burning parties, costume parties and pinterest-worthy birthday parties.  I'm not too sure that there is a why behind that, but I learned at a young age that life was worth celebrating.

This is the year of 40 and here are my thoughts: we are going to celebrate the shit out of that.

Now, one could argue that that is really not much different than how I normally conduct the going-ons of my life, but I beg to differ.  I just simply believe in putting in the time for my relationships and yes, that means going on trips, spending time together, going out for dinner for birthdays.   But this year, we kick the normal up a few notches to level awesome.


Because why wouldn't I want to celebrate? You guys, we're turning 4-0.   I know I could fall into the mainstream ideals of being sad, feeling remorse, wanting to reverse the clocks and not get old but I feel so blessed to have made it this far.  Sure I wish my boobs were up where they used to be and damn, I would love to workout and not feel broken and also, what a thrill it would be to jump on a trampoline again care-free....but for all the crap that comes with aging, there is so much more WISDOM and JOY that has been acquired that I am thrilled to be where I am and I am choosing to celebrate the shit out of that.

The theme for our 40s is doing it the way you want.  Each friend gets to pick how they personally want to celebrate their milestone and we make it happen.  SO MUCH FUN!  We've already done one with our lovely Candace taking the plunge first and I can't wait to share with you later this week what we did to celebrate our beautiful friend.

In the meantime, do share how you celebrate your big milestones !

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