Day 4: A Day in Marseille


One of the hardest parts planning this trip was figuring just where we wanted to go in France - we were all over the map.  In the end we decided we wanted to go south and focus on small town.  Our 3 days in Aix-en-Provence were precisely that and the only thing I regret is not getting to the Avignon area.  We also decided that we wanted to see Marseille and then fly from there back up to Paris.  Here is my other regret- apparently a neighbouring town, Cassis is quite the gem.  I wish we would have booked a night so we could have done some exploring.  Ah well, next time.

So today we headed down to Marseille for our day of exploration.  Again- 800000000 things to do and tough time making decisions.  In the end we ditched our luggage using the very cool service, NannyBag that let's you dump your stuff at a hotel for a fee.   We decided to take a stroll around the port, hopping on a hop on/hop off bus so we could maximize the seeing and learning of things.

Our goal was to get up to the giant church, Notre Dame de la Garde.  I quite enjoyed the ride and almost wished we had more time for the stop at the beach.  I totally would have swam in that.  The church was beautiful but I almost liked the cathedral we saw in Aix better- the simplicity was more spiritual.  Also, how amazing is it to be able to sit in places that were built hundreds of years ago?

The next stop was the Mucem/old Fort place to walk through the fortifications of the old city.  THEN we stumbled upon the rental scooter thingies and had the most amazing adventure scootering through the port.  Best 4 euros spent!

We're getting really good at eating the french way, totally unplugged, maximal people watching and leisurely enjoying our meals.  I don't think I've ever spent so much time just simply enjoying food.

Our last adventure was to stop and get me a little pre birthday present...eeeek!

Now we're sitting in our hotel right next door to Versailles, eagerly awaiting our day of learning tomorrow!

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