Day 2: the one with the small towns and all the wine.


Ah, what a great day: wine, small towns and tons of learning.  But so sad to hear that Notre Dame is burning in Paris...that was the one place I had on my list to see....after so many years reading Le Bossu to grade 9s, I just wanted to go inside.  Sigh.

We all had great sleeps after zombietravel day and were pumped to see some small towns...which is definitely not something I ever say.  Can you imagine touring small town Saskatchewans? Wait- maybe we should make that a thing.

Anyway, we grabbed a quick breakfast at the boulangerie (fancy croissant sausage thingies) (we're totally fancy french) for our small group tour of wine and small towns.   Nothing like getting day drunk before 10 am.

We hit up 2 estates, or domaines and enjoyed all the wine.  Did you know that rosé is the specialty in this region? I did not.  Thankfully most of the wine was white and they were all really good and left us giddier than normal.   I'm still breaking up with red wine though, just in case you were wondering.
Important information of course.

The second half our day was spent town hoping- we went to three very beautiful small towns that were so very different.

The first was Lourmarin where we ate a very french meal (in that we didn't recognize any of the foods on the menu and ordered them anyway and the waiter was very aloof and kinda shrugged us off when we asked what he recommended) and then we browsed the shops and Abbie channeled her inner Abbie and found some amazing pieces and I didn't shop (shocker) but facetimed my cute kids instead.  Also,  at this point I was sobering up from our morning adventures and needed some headache meds.
Anyway, Lourmarin was enchanting with its tiny streets, colourful buildings and it had a very calm vibe with people just sitting around enjoying the beautiful day.

Second town was Roussillon which is right on the ochre cliff sides and the most beautiful rustic colours- seriously felt like we were walking around in a painting. Also almost bought a painting but didn't and took a picture of it instead.   We had a hard time deciding which of the small towns was our favourite but in the end, this one was mine.  It was magical and we had crepes  (Michelle had two and got a funny look from the waiter.  Sorry dude, we're the type of girls who eat).   Also, there was a cat wandering around like it owned the place, which he probably did.

Last stop was the hillside town of Gordes which is built into a cliff and was pretty damn cool but at this point we were cold (okay mostly stay-puffed marshmallow Jordan who wears 22 layers of clothing) and ready to go home for 2nd supper.

We came home to the news that Notre Dame was on fire and spent a sombre 2nd supper out for moules and pasta and now we're sharing photos, singing songs and breaking open a bottle of wine that we brought home from our touring.    Bonne nuit!

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