Are there Angels Among Us?


My Grandma Diehl passed away what will be 7 years ago this month.  It's crazy how much time can go by but how some memories remain so vivid.

This is exactly how I remember my Grandma- right in the middle of everything with a giant smile.

These are the things I still remember very clearly about her:

how soft her hands were.  how proud she was of each and every person in our family.  her mocassins that she wore everywhere.   how soft her skin would feel when she'd kiss me on my cheek. how she'd ask you something 3 times and still manage to not listen to what you were saying.

There are moments where I find myself smiling as I put together one of her recipes but I also have sad times when I would just love to sit and talk with her and tell her what's been going on in my life. But then something happened that I had never experienced before:

I had an....experience, yes let's call it that, last month that I haven't be able to stop thinking about.  I was stopping for some quick groceries before my daughter's ringette game at Safeway.  Because I was without kids, I was lollygagging about, enjoying looking at all the things.  As I was walking through the meat area I saw an older lady shopping- I noticed her because she was wearing the same kind of purple coat that my Grandma always know that one? Kinda fancy in the shape of a trench coat, but also kinda fun with a purple fur- the one that all wise older women sport.   I smiled and acknowledged the memory and tucked it away as it warmed my heart. 

The next thing I knew she was approaching me.

This is where things got strange? cool? out of the ordinary? I really don't know which word to use here.  I think it was because I was still recovering from the sudden memory of Grandma that everything stood still for a moment.   She turned to me as I walked by her (remember, I'm in no kids mode so I was taking my sweetass time) and she reached out to grab my hand to stop me and tell me something.  
I was immediately struck by her hands.  
Her hands.  
Love, it never gets old.

They were just as soft and wrinkly and just as fragile and dainty as my Grandma's hands.  And she took my hand to speak to me the exact same way my Grandma would have.  As I studied her a little more, she had the tight knit short cut curls that all old ladies seem to sport and the same soft wrinkled skin.   

She didn't look like Grandma but she looked like Grandma.  Does that even make sense? 

At this point I was in a daze of missing my Grandma so much that I just wanted to go accompany this sweet lady around the store.  Quietly she whispered in my ear, while still holding my hand, that it was a really good price for ground beef.  I smiled sweetly, and agreed with her, thanked her and told her to have a great day. 
As I walked away, I turned to look at her one more time as everything seemed so surreal. Ah yes, surreal- that's the word.  But she was gone. I wish I would have stayed with her longer and soaked up everything about her, but maybe the magic of the moment would have disappeared.

Oh look- the purple jacket!

This was at Grandma's 85th birthday, 2 years before she passed away

I don't know what your belief system is or who you've lost in your life.  Maybe you have had a brush with an angel or perhaps you believe that there is nothing after we're gone.  For me a moment like this gave me a chance to remember and it made me smile, it made me reach out to a complete stranger in kindness and it made me think that maybe, just maybe there are angels that walk among us.  

Angels represent God's personal care for each one of us. Andrew Greeley 

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