What to add to your wardrobe this spring.


Spring and fall are hands down my favourite times to add fun pieces to my wardrobe but sometimes that feat can be the most confusing task.
Where to even begin? Do you need new staples or are you looking for trendy pieces?  Do you search online or go to local shops?
Well, I have been doing some "research" for the past month (my favourite kind of science) and answered those questions for you.

The problem with shopping right now is that, well, it made me feel old. Everywhere I looked there were bodysuits and crop tops and logos straight from my 14 year old wardrobe.  I should have just kept everything from the 90s.   Some of the trends were clear fails and others I was quick to fall in love with.

Spring Trends to Try in 2019


Hudson's Bay
1- Anything neon or extremely bright.  Ever since Kendell Jenner wore all green, I have been dying to find the perfect piece.
2- Anything bright orange or coral- it is the Pantone colour of the year, after all.
3- Pretty shades of lilac, lavender or pale blue. 
4- Yellow, yellow and more yellow. Check out Aritzia's line up here
5- Blush tones


1- scarf print- I'm unsure what I think about this one.
2- polka dots- I love this one!
3- zebra print- I haven't found anything I love yet
4- Tie Dye- hello 90s! Remember those shirts that would change colour where you touched them?

Clothing styles
1-Crop tops- I find these so hard to style with my body type. Jodie suggested wearing them over a dress. We shall see.
2- Body Suits- I just can't.
3- Wrap Tops- Love the look of these but they're all so short right now
4- Tie-front tops- Love this.
5- Anything vintage 90s (Levis, Calvin Klein logo- man, I hope we start seeing the coloured Club Monaco sweaters soon)
6- Detailed hemmed denim.  This was an interesting find- distressed is going out and the details are now in the hems.
7- Jumpsuits/Rompers- I finally found one I love on me!

Hudson's Bay

Where to shop in Saskatoon?  Here are my go-tos:

1. The Bay (which I find kinda disappointing lately...lots of weird brands and muchly needing a reno).  There were tons of neon green there though, a great selection of Levis and very trendy pieces with the TopShop line.
2. Aritzia: tons of yellow. Lots of boxy tops and crop tops.
3. Dutch Growers: Body Suits that are also wrap tops! Some great yellow pieces and kelly green.
4. Tryst: Great selection of AG and Citizen of Humanity jeans.  Also lots of blush and boho pieces.
5. Boutique 252: Fantastic selection of Frame and JBrand jeans as well as some great investment/staple pieces.  Alright, I also found a fun jumper there and I have never liked them on me!

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