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1. I haven't been doing much online shopping lately- must be winter doldrums and not being able to dig into the spring attire.  I am sticking to Canadian shops for my top 3 that I'm guaranteed to order from: Simons, Hudson Bay and how about me and Abbie's shop, Salt and Light?!

2. I'm probably half and half in store or online.

3. Fave thing to shop for- all the things. No discretion here.

4.  I hate shopping for anything house related right now because I'm about done with making decisions for the house...but good news- it looks amazing! The hardwood is currently going in!

5. Fave thing I've ever bought? Virginia: the most perfect jacket that I can't wait to wear this spring.

6.  I actually prefer shopping alone- especially when I'm on a mission- I hate feeling like I'm dragging people along while I take my time.  If I'm not on a mission then hanging with friends is just dandy.

7.  Best bargain- no clue. I'm not a bargain hunter.

8. Thrift store shopping- in eclectic locations, yes.  Can't wait to do some thrift store shopping in Paris!

9. Best cities for shopping- all of them. I haven't met a city I didn't love for shopping.  Each city has their own unique appeal.

10. Style icon? French women. 

What have I been wearing lately? Everything warm and nothing fancy.  I had some fun in my closet this past weekend trying on all the cool outfits for the camo skirt

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