Spring has Sprung


The other day I was trying to come up with something I don't like about spring. 

The possibility of moody or marginal weather was the only thing I could think of.   There always seems to be a handful of days in our neck of the woods where it rainsnows then freezes which makes driving sketchy.  Or you have this beautiful stretch with amazing weather then the next day it snows and is freezing and it sucks because you packed up all the parkas and winter boots.

Spring to me is fresh air, warm sunshine, the sound of snow melting.  Spring brings the busy-ness of birthdays but also the peaceful lull during the transition from the rink sports to the outdoor sports. Spring is music festival and dirt everywhere and long lines at the car wash.
Spring is that exciting time when you can put away the monochromatic tones of the winter wardrobe and bring in some colour!  Spring wardrobe shopping is always a breath of fresh air.
Spring is a time to find that motivation that was somehow forgotten in the long winter and get back on the health goals.

Because spring (and fall) shopping are my two favourite times- I decided that I would do a little research on the spring trends and see if I liked them or not. 

Spring Trends 2019

High Rise Jeans- yes, please.  How did we ever wear low-rise anything??????  Just please don't give me pleats + high rise.  Note that jeans are also going away from skinny to more wide leg styles.


Crop Tops- no thank you.

Crop Tops + High Rise Jeans- probably not but this sweater was really comfy so it came home with me anyway.  The jeans did not.  

Wrap front tops- cute, but not when they're so short.  

Something neon green- I love.  I definitely will have to find the perfect piece to add into the spring rotation.  This skirt was cute, but I didn't get it.  It didn't feel well made and I was holding it together at the waist.

Basically anything 90s- from the CK and Levis logo stuff to overalls and combat boots. I love it. I kinda hope the Club Monaco coloured sweaters come back too.  I should have saved my entire wardrobe from Grade 9.

While I love refreshing my wardrobe with the new trends each season, I have a feeling this spring is going to be difficult.   Everything seems to be boxy or a crop top and nothing that suits my body.

I will have to continue my research.......

Head on over to Kellyann's blog to see her take on our Spring prompt.  Follow me on instagram to see what Saskatchewan looks like in the spring.

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