Deena's Ultimate List of Must Haves


Today on the Blended Blog, Shaunacey is sharing her must have list.  So I figured I should probably share my version of that list because well, having a Shaunacey in your life is one of my must haves and if she can blog today, so can I...

Deena's Ultimate List of Must Haves

1. A group of loyal friends.  You know the crazy ones who have been around forever and who know all your secrets but still like you and who'll laugh at you when you do something stupid but also be the first ones to offer a hand to help you up? Yup, hug them hard.

2. A good bra.  I'm over bras hurting my shoulders and back.  I want comfort.  My current obsession is this one from the Bay.

3.  The ability to know when enough is enough and when to say no.  Boundaries, man. Learning to take care of myself first has been the most important aspect of my self-growth.  I need to do what is good for me and not what is good for other people. 

4.  10 minutes to herself a day. I don't care when or where it is but I must take that time to breathe and centre myself without feeling the need to answer all the calls/texts/emails/children/husband/tabsopeninmybrain.  I just don't do it in the bathroom because my kids still find me there.  Also, so does the cat and those little paws under the door can be very persistent. 

5. A waterproof, wrinkle-resistant, smudge-proof, gluten-free camouflaged superhero cape.  You know very well that life is going to sling obstacles at you 150% of the time, so you have to be ready to move, morph and swoop into action on the fly. 

6. A Statement Piece.   Speaking of capes....When I'm having a Monday of a day and I can't get myself motivated to do anything, I have this jacket that I put on that instantly transforms me into a productive, kickass mode. I call it my "get shit done" jacket.  She's also leopard print and loud which seems to be extremely effective at putting me in the right mood.  Here are some jackets for inspiration that I definitely love.  Links are affiliate.

7. A Signature Meal or Drink. You know when you start dating someone and you really want to impress them so you get your mom to assemble her best meal and then you serve it and your date loves it, so it becomes "your" dish.  That happened to me with my mom's spaghetti sauce...I swear it's the way to my husband's heart.  Definitely helps having a go-to meal that can make anyone feel loved. Also, a drink.  Which for me lately has been water.  Mostly because I was sick all weekend but also because I broke up with wine.  I know, weird. I should probably change my blog name.

Also, weird that I didn't mention shoes as my statement piece. Shit. Definitely need to change my blog name. 

8.  A Passion.  We all need to find that something that sets our heart on fire, that hobby or passion or job or outlet that keeps you up at night, thinking about it.  You know, that thing that you makes you forgo sleep.  Which is currently me writing this piece. Ha. What do you know, blogging is still probably a passion for me.   But also, so is keeping my life organized and getting stuff done.   Actually, I have really enjoyed doing podcasts- in fact, today's talk is about how we stay organized.  Imagine that.  It's like I planned that whole thing about being organized is a passion.

9.  A self-care routine.  I say routine because if we don't practice it faithfully then it doesn't become a part of our life, and if it doesn't become a part of our life, it risks not becoming a priority and therefore becomes easily sluffed off for something else.  Spellcheck keeps telling me that sluffed isn't a really should be.  What's wrong with the world?  
Oh right, self-care.
My routine is on Sunday nights: face mask, nails, quiet time in my closet = perfection.

10.  People who keep you motivated and share your dreams.  Sometimes doors open and amazing people stumble in (hopefully not because they're inebriated- although those people are fun too).  I find life way more jam-packed with awesome when you can surround yourself with the people who push you and bring out the best in you.

What about you? What would you say are your must haves in life?

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