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1.  Oldest Friend: My true blue came into my life on the first day of kindergarten 35 years ago.  She asked me if I wanted to play, I asked my mom if it was okay and voila a friendship was formed.  So thanks mom for letting Christy be my bestie. She has been there since day one, she has weathered the storms of teenagehood (read: cliques, bitchiness and being bad friends), we managed our friendship over multiple hour phone calls that would tie up the phone lines, pre call-waiting and stretch the life out of those phone cords.  We lived in separate cities for university, were in each others' wedding parties and have ridden the tide of motherhood.  While she lives in Calgary and we only see each other a couple times a year (BUT I GET TO SEE HER ON THURSDAY THIS WEEK!) we manage to maintain a love for giggles, gossip and gangsta rap, which really is the foundation of a good friendship, non?

2. My circle of support. Shit. This could get long because MAN ALIVE I have good people in my life.
I have my family.  My baby brother lives in Calgary but calls me daily...I also love his wife sometimes more than him.  My sister is very different than me but is my favourite person in the world.  Also her husband is pretty great too.   My husband is such a great supporter and I absolutely adore his siblings and their people.  So ya, you could say I won the family lotto, I'm not afraid to say that out loud.

I have my girlfriends that I see as sisters because they've been around for way too long.  It's a tight circle that doesn't get infiltrated often and we have our things that we like to do together...like meals out, yearly shopping trips.  The comfort and acceptance level at this stage is sisterly and the laughter is gut-wrenching.

I have the ladies I met later in life that get me.  These are the ones that I have connected on a different level, be it sports, family ties or interests.  I like these friends especially because they inspire me and push me to be a better me. Note, I haven't the time tonight to find a photo of everyone and I'd be scared to leave someone out. You know who you are and I love you.  The end.

I have my blog friends.   These are the weirdest ones and most special ones simply because who does this?  Hey, I like you, let's hang out online,  I think we could be friends.  Sounds like a crappy version of ICQ.  Remember that ?? Anyway, blamo we end up friends for real life, hanging out yearly and sometimes more around the country.  Just got back from hanging with Sarah, Lana and Abbie's family in California. I should post about that.

I could go on...but this post is becoming long winded.  Long story short- I love my people and am grateful for them everyday.

3. How did I meet Dan?  Well we actually went to school together our entire lives but I was older (read: too cool) and didn't pay attention to him.  Fast-forward to my first year teaching, back at our alma mater and I am coincidentally teaching my brother and his brothers and well, long story short we hook up and the rest is history.  We actually just celebrated our date-aversary this week 02-02-02...so 17 years of us!

4.  Valentine's Day isn't really celebrated apart from the smattering of pink, purple and red decor and some chocolate.  Nothing special..it's a little too commercial for us.   Plus, my kids would tell you that I tell them that I love them WAY TOO MUCH, MOM.

5. My love language is gifts.  I'm materialistic that way.  Case and point- I was away this weekend at a ringette tourney with Lucia and I came home to a dateaversary/Valentine's gift from my hubby...my big computer broke down and he sees how much I am missing the video editing/work stuff I can do on it so he got me this.  He scored major bonus points.  I shall not share what his love language is because HI MOM.

6. I LOVE FLOWERS and buy myself them regularly because I'm awesome. the end.

7. Most meaningful gift?  That's a tough one.  3 come to mind.  For my 30th birthday my family put together a huge dinner party with all the special people in my life and they all shared things about me that they loved. I get choked up just thinking about it.  Second would be 10 years or so ago, Dan got me two plane tickets to watch the Jays home opener, and I got to bring a friend. I love spoiling my friends so it was a win-win.  And lastly, last year the girls gave me a prescription bottle with all these beautiful notes to lift me up when I'm not feeling awesome...they were full of affirmations and funny memories. 

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