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I was just thinking the other day that it's crazy how much my blog focus has shifted in the past 5 years.   You can read more on my thoughts over on the Blended Blog today...but really- it's neat to see how I've evolved.
Also, how my style has changed.  Okay, mostly it's my hair, but whatever you get the picture.

So it's kinda fun today to go back to recreating outfits that I found awesome on the interwebs and who else to recreate than our very own Lisa, from Daily Style Finds.

Now a little bit about Lisa first----she is one of those chicks that is just really cool and I get nervous around because I really want to be her friend but I kinda think she's out of my league.   She is elegant, classy and always has a level-headed comment.  If I could elect anyone to be my personal shopper it would be hands down her because her style is trendy and timeless and I just love her.  The end. 

Enough with the creepy narrative but hey- it's Valentine's Day tomorrow so why not tell a friend you think they're awesome.

Alright, back to my outfit.  I had pinned this one a couple years ago and was able to put it together with things in my house.  Note, the IN MY HOUSE.  It is still -40 here and I'll be having none of that fashion photographing outside.

Obviously I picked our yellow "Spot On" sweater, which I think is going to be a great colour for spring...it's the perfect mix between lemon and mustard.  
Which wouldn't taste good if it were a food.

And I kinda like the polka dots paired with the leopard print booties- a little bit of attitude to go with my 3 day  old braids that Abbie put in because I didn't want to have to do my hair. Ever.

I normally wear a large and I like my clothing comfy and usually baggy.  This sweater is borderline too tight for my comfort level.  Abbie yelled at me (in her Abbie cheerleader way) (it wasn't really yelling) that I should start wearing more form fitting clothing.  We'll see about that. 

Meanwhile I will just be happy to rock a yellow and leopard combo and feel bad ass and sexy all in one.  Now if only my personal stylist would live closer. Sigh.

PS You can see how Lisa styled her pin in her original post here. 

PPS if you want to buy the sweater, here you go.  I believe we have a yellow and a blue left.

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