My Cup Overfloweth with JT.


21 hours, that's all it took and really, that was all I needed to regain the bounce in my step and the light for my fire.  Friends can have that magical power; turning back the withered hands of time to make you feel like a kid.
They might even be more effective than the expensive night cream I use because wrinkles.
Who knows.

Well, I do know that if you mix these ladies with limited freedom from family life, fun sweaters, jello shots, a killer playlist and a giant hotel room- you can be assured that you will :
1) laugh until you cry
2) laugh until you pee
3) talk about cervixes, periods, poop, sex and hockey.

And you know what? In every moment with them you will breathe a little deeper, your shoulders will start to relax and you will feel like you againWhich I think is why it is so essential we carve out that time for our friends.  It is so easy to get sucked into that mom-bot/career-bot mode where routine, schedule and making those damn lunches dictate your every move.  Without even knowing it, we become so consumed by our daunting to-do lists that we forget the sound of our laughter and that wonderful feeling when you get a cramp in your side from giggling so much.

Last week we hopped a plane to escape one frigid white tundra to jump over to another frigid white tundra to see the heart throb, Justin Timberlake in concert.  This concert which was supposed to happen in November during our girls' trip and was cancelled because JT is a wimp (I take that back now because he's sexy AF) was rescheduled for a Thursday in Feb.   I was scared that the stars wouldn't align and the original 8 girls going (our gaggle + my sister and cousin) wouldn't be able to cut the time out of their schedules, but all is well and alas, it happened.

Pizza on the window ledge? That's called "how Canadians keep shit cold when there's not enough room in the fridge".  I bet your deck doesn't double as a freezer.

Arriving just in time to check in, we were excited to visit and get ready, but our room was delayed because ALL OF JT's team was checking out.  We saw a few of the dancers and musicians, but no JT, although we were convinced we had his room.  After a quick drink in the lounge, we headed up and took over the rooms.  Instantly the space was transformed and our dance party had started.  We opted to order in pizza (great idea, Christy) so we could optimize time together, getting ready and the hotel room.

Oh right, we went to a concert too.  JT was amazing.  He's sexy, he can sing, he can dance, the end.  I mean, you're not surprised, are you?  I haven't stood and danced for an entire concert in ages, it was that good.   The stage snaked across the entire ice level so he was a little bit of everywhere and we were at times, close enough to see him sweat.  When he was across the rink- we had prime seats for people watching which is always entertaining.  

Would I see him again? Absolutely.  Has a JT playlist been running for a week straight chez nous? Yup and yup.  My kids love it too though so that's a win-win.  Also, it's helping me keep that joie de vivre that I experienced for a full 21 hours last week.
You do what you gotta do.  I just can't stop that feeling.

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