You are Awesome (and other notes to self)


The fact of the matter is that I'm a work in progress and probably spend too much time addressing my faults than I do celebrating the fact that I'm also 91% awesome.

But that's not a bad thing, is it? Being able to reflect and work on the things you'd like to change?  I mean, I could write a whole post about how great I think I am but that will never happen because I don't like sounding braggy, in fact, I'd rather go unnoticed in a crowd and the fact that I have a blog is kind mind-boggling some days. 

My point is (I think I had a point at least when I sat down to compose this morning) (which is getting less likely to be found as my coffee gets yummier and the bunny and cat are cutely playing in front of me, thusly distracting me from what I was originally set out to do).

Let's try that again.

I am trying to make each day a good day, a great day, an AWESOME day.  

This means that I'm constantly reflecting and adding to my repertoire of tools to help me do that.   Some days are pretty good:
I get stuff done on the to-do so I feel productive, I get enough sleep so I feel rested, I paint something so I feel creative,  I meditate or pray so I feel a spiritual connection, the hubby gets all my attention so I feel loved, I kick my ass at Orange Theory so I feel strong, I make a healthy meal so I feel like a good parent and I treat people with kindness and respect while keeping a firm tone when needed. 
That is the making of a near perfect day which obviously doesn't happen all the time.  But it's easy to do a lot of those things and feel great.  It's when I mentally kybosh my intentions and see the bad habits coming out of hiding that I need to take a step back and reevaluate.

I am officially a resolution quitter/forgetter/forgoer.

Year long goals don't work for me.   My attention span doesn't reach that far. 
What does work for me are short term reasonable goals and so far I have been able to somehow improve on my shortcomings because each day is a new day and a chance for a new beginning.

For example:

I have been wired with a short fuse.  
I am irritable and annoyed easily.  
This is more evident when I don't get enough sleep or if I'm feeling overwhelmed and frazzled. Actually, I have been wanting to work on my anger for awhile and that goal was expedited when I saw Lucia repeating my behaviours.  My thought instantly was that I had to learn how to cope better personally so I could teach her.  I hate being a grump and I don't want my daughter to learn my behaviours- so it is time to change.
I started with a book and somehow exactly the thing I needed fell into my lap.  This book had some great tips and it wasn't preachy- it was super practical and relatable.  I would recommend it for anyone who is like me or who lives with an Oscar or who has a partner who is an irate, aggressively angry person (for the record, that's not me) (he just gives some really good tips for that)

The Anger Trap

January was a really good month for me- I'm saying was because it's practically February and we're taking off this week on a vacay so I've shut the January book...actually it'll be interesting to see how I apply these new skills while travelling with be continued I guess.
I'm proud to say that I only lost my shiznit on my kids once this month, and that doesn't mean that my kids were angels all month, that means that I was able to get my point across firmly without waking the bears from hibernation.  

It feels good to feel slightly more awesome than I was in December.  It feels great in fact to know that I'm a work in progress who isn't too old to make changes.  I like that.  

Linking up with the ladies on the Blended Blog for our talk on resolutions and goals. 

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