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About a week ago, I wasn't anywhere near feeling like getting into the holiday spirit.   Not too sure why- I think mostly because I was finally getting into a back to school routine after our schedules had calmed down.  But after a week of fog and snow globe conditions- I am fully immersed in the spirit.

I'm a planner and a preparer of things, surprise surprise....so I like to have everything in place so I can find that inner peace during December and really enjoy the lights and all the twinkle that goes with.  Sure our schedules become a little crazier with more events but I find myself floating along and enjoying them more when I have a firm grasp on all the things that need to be done.   I love walking the mall at Christmas as long as I'm not the one scrambling for presents. Thank you, Amazon Prime.

Let's dig a bit deeper into the holidays.....

I don't care for candy canes and will maybe have one all season.  This has confirmed that I am NOT part elf.
On Christmas Day I wake when my kids wake, which is usually somewhere between 730 and 8 which somedays feels like a sleep in and other days it feels early.
I don't shop on Black Friday.  I am trying not to shop at all for myself until my birthday in April.  Also- with the move coming up next year, I have a million other things to be scouring the internets for.  Current obsession is a Smeg fridge.
My Christmas tree takes forever to decorate so it usually goes up mid November and I just put the twinkly lights on it so we can enjoy it until we decorate it at the end of November.

I have completely given up on Pinterest for all things and it's the last place I look.  Oops. Is it still a thing?
I like glam and I like ugly sweaters and I'll wear a little bit of each all season long.   Usually not in the same outfit now.  Ugly sweaters have kinda lost their appeal to me now that you can find them everywhere.
Stocking stuffers are wrapped and hung on the chimney with care in hope that Saint Nick soon will be there.

I prefer Traditional Christmas songs.  I went to the "Christmas Experience" at Elim Tabernacle and it was....a very different Cmas experience.  I'm not used to laser beams and Jesus. I'm more a stain glassed and ritual type of girl.
What the effery is fruitcake?

Shopping is 98.3% finished and as a minor Christmas miracle (you're welcome, husband) I didn't buy myself anything.
I live in a snow globe and probably would cry if there wasn't snow.  
"Christmas just isn't Christmas without snow" - Jo Marsh. Probably after she opened her presents.

I haven't met a Christmas movie I haven't liked...except everything on the Hallmark channel.  What is wrong with me?  I feel like I'm in the minority here. I honestly thought everyone was watching them as a gag. It's like a train wreck. I can't do it.  I prefer real cheese (and wine)- none needed while watching movies.  I'll stick to the classics: Elf. Love Actually. The Holiday.

- Signed, the HallmarkGrinch.

PS. the randomness of this post probably makes more sense if you knew I was answering questions to go with our TBB ASKS for the month. Link up with us the Blended Blog!

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