Pyjamas for President.


Every morning I wake up grateful.  Also groggy and in need of a coffee, stat...but mostly grateful- until I get my coffee.  Did I mention I am fuelled by coffee?  This is a good thing as it keeps me generally cheerful and perky all day.   

Well, until the kids start yelling at each other and fighting over random shit like socks.  That sure is a buzz kill.

Alrighty- back to my blissful mornings of sheer gratitude.  Here's the thing.  I LOVE silence in the morning (and coffee).  I'm pretty sure I would be the top student at the morning session in a monastery.  I have always avoided conversation/noisy eaters/overly chipper people/duelling pianos/duelling kids in the a of m.   That is until I get my coffee.  Wait- there is an exception- my kids.  I will chat up a storm and sing cheesy wake up songs to annoy them any and every day if it makes them smile. But then I get them their breakfast, I put their lunches in their backpacks and Dan takes them on their way.

And at that point it's the glorious dark and quiet hour of 7:30 am and I have all morning to remain in my meditative state until I'm fully caffeinated. 

That being said, I usually only lounge on the couch with my coffee (at this point I agree it sounds like I'm drinking multiple litres of the stuff in the morning, but in reality I cut myself off at 2 cups).  (I could drink it all day though, I find it so comforting).  Once I'm done my two cups, I am also done reading the news, reading my blogs, checking over my to-do list that I will get up and do something around the house.  Usually it's productive, always I'm still in my pyjamas.  

Speaking of pyjamas (which was originally my intent of this post before it was highjacked by caffeine)...we're sharing our favourite Christmas pyjamas on our link on the Blended Blog today and it just so happens, by golly (fancy language courtesy of the happiness caused when kids go to bed easily and early) that my real life BFF is the host- so you could hop over to her blog (Christy's kickass blog) to see what she's sharing.  

So here's a pictorial display of the progression of my mornings.  

1- item one- me in my pyjamas reading my blogs and giving whomever was lucky enough to snap that photo some serious side-eye.

2) Item two- the sun rose and it was glorious so I stopped all my doings and went outside (in my pyjamas) (that was nipply) to soak in the glory.

3) Item 3.  It is bright out now, I'm still in my pyjamas and my coffee is somewhere empty therefore that means I should start my day.

The pyjamas were a special souvenir from Australia.  I wanted to find something special to bring home my besties- so I found this designer/brand/whatever that was all over that beautiful country- Peter Alexander. and I got us all matching PJs.  I had to find something that would hopefully fit everyone (plaid nightshirt) (my son always yells at me to put some pants on).  And the added awesome of this piece is that there is a PA embroidered on the pocket (obviously for the designer but maybe also an homage to our hometown).

Here we are wearing them in Edmonton!

So whatever, I don't know if I'm waking up grateful because my kids are cute or my pyjamas are cozy or my coffee is delicious, but regardless I am loving my life right now and that's gotta be something to celebrate, non?

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