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My entire life, I have had a ginormous fear of being rejected/failing/being crappy at something.  I may possibly be a perfectionist..except when it comes to loading the dishwasher, that, my friends is not my problem and is an enigma I just cannot solve....

My husband gives me this look when he sees the "masterpiece" I have come up with:

But what I have come to realize (and also conveniently ignore in the dishwasher realm) is that if I want to do something, all I have to do is trick my brain into thinking I have it mastered.
Life is just one big mind game isn't it?  I mean, I could spend all my time wallowing in self-doubt and giving myself 8 million reasons why I can't do something OR I pretend I know what I'm doing and go for it.

I am done talking myself out of things and have decided that this will be the year that I just go for it. You know, that whole - take that leap, believe in myself stuff.

Step one would be kinda sorta telling you about a fun project that I have in the works.  This is something that normally I would think to be completely awesome but would let the self-doubt creep up and push me away from it.  Nope, not this time (although I do admit that I spend a lot of time second guessing what I'm doing).   I have teamed up with two very amazing women and we're creating Salt and Light Lifestyle.  I don't have many details right now, but you can hop on over to our Instagram or Facebook and give us a follow to see what happens when we launch in January.

Back to my point, because I'm pretty sure that I had one.

Now, for general living and wanting to do things, I typically just convince myself I can do it in order to get myself to do it.  But in the fashion world, however, I feel much more ease.  I will never forget a compliment that my lipsense lady, Ashley gave me to me...she said that she always gets the impression that I am 100% confidant in what I'm wearing.  Or something like that.  It really made me realize that I was already practicing my "fake it until you make it" mantra.  Purple Lipstick, sure why not.  A romper? Yup, I got it.  A sequinned mini skirt on a -20 night- I'm in.  The trick is that you just got to own it.

Speaking of which, our prompt today on the Blended Blog is an outfit that makes you happy.  You can also pop over to the always stylish blog Daily Style Finds- I love Lisa.
A happy outfit? Well that's an easy one for me as it would be my go-to happy Deena outfit.
Glam jacket + comfy sweater + jeans + boots.  Typically in true Deena fashion, one of these pieces will be bold and in this outfit I picked my floral s*^t kickers because they make me feel kickass.

I should really get around to patching these jeans...I get frostbite on one little part of my leg

Note the acrobatic cat that always likes to make an appearance in my mirror pics

Boots- Dr. Marten (purchased on a whim, à l'Abbie on a girls' trip in Calgary- I think Candace was with me)
Jeans- AG (so comfy- soon will have to be replaced I wear them so much)
Sweater- Rag and Bone (from Marshalls, also with Candace)
Jacket- Michael Kors (from Winners) (it was one of those- I don't need another jacket purchases- which turn into HOW DID I LIVE WITHOUT YOU!)

In a perfect world I would be able to show you these exact products- but they're all here are some similar ones.  Links are all affiliate.

Now I triple dog dare you to convince yourself you can do something and go for it!   This week's challenge for me is to tell people I blog when I meet them.  So far I have failed twice.

Have a great day!  Come back on Friday for something fun and taking a leap-ish!

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