5 things that make me feel all warm and eggnoggy inside


Our prompt on the Blended Blog today is something that makes you smile.  I had a post in mind but couldn't find the words and am actually feeling a pull away from blogging...then I fell down the rabbit hole of posts that I wrote a long time ago and have since turned into drafts.  Since I didn't want to write something just for the sake of putting a post out into the world, I figured it would be fun to bring back a post I wrote 5 years ago to see how things have changed.  So here you go....my thoughts on 5 things that make me happy from Dec of 2013....Lucia was three, Willis 5 and we had just moved into this house. I had just said good bye to Celine.  Man, I miss that girl.


1- the Love Actually extras
I can't believe I have never done this before, lover of Love Actually that I am.  The other night, on my 3rd time watching it this Christmas season, (which, by the way, pales in comparison to when Alynne and I used to live together), I decided to see what they had for extras.  Low and behold there is a wealth of deleted seasons that are explained and make it seem like there's a whole other movie to watch.  This is a must do for Love Actually fans out there; the fart bubbles are still making me giggle.  

2- A new blog to follow by a girl I would totally girl stalk in a non-creepy way
Once upon a time, I took in a Teacher Candidate, her name was Abbie.  She had a stellar fashion sense, an infectious smile and top notch teaching techniques.  She is now teaching and doing her thang and I'm more than pleased to see she has started a blog, Grumbling Grace.  She wrote for our 30 somethings and as I was impressed with her teaching years ago, I was again left admiring her voice and writing style.  This is a blog I will read and I know I'll leave feeling uplifted.  Yay, Abbie!

3- Student visits
Sometimes you get some awesome students in your class, and I definitely can say I've been blessed with some great adolescent friends in my career.  I love when they pop back in your life here and there to say hello and to catch you up to speed on their going ons, facebook also helps!  I have one particular student who was a ray of sunshine in my group last year who keeps making  a point of popping in and saying hello, asking how I'm doing.  He's still my ray of sunshine.  He doesn't need to come say hi to me, but he still does, with the same smile on his face. I think he may even read this blog. I love that.  It makes me love my profession that much more.  It's all about connections after all, isn't it?

4. Willis reading
One morning this week the kids slept in. Which is always awesome.  But it got to the point where I had to wake them up so we could get places on time.  So I wandered down to Willis' room to get him first and opened the door.  There I found my little boy, laying on the bed with the lamp on, reading.  Melt my heart.  He immediately told me that he had read 20 chapters (Captain Underpants) and had been reading since he got up at 6 am.  HOLD ON.  He woke up an hour earlier and didn't get out of bed? He chose to read instead? AND HE WAS LOVING IT???!!! Oh my.  Oh my.  I couldn't help but step back out of the room, slightly verklempt, after seeing a dream come true.  He's a READER!!!!! I think that's one of the greatest gifts of all.

 5- Words and lyrics
Truth be told, I'm still grieving and finding myself withdrawn from my usual with-it-ness.  I've been finding comfort in words and lyrics though, more precisely the Home Alone Soundtrack.  That one manages to always warm me up.  
The other thing I stumbled upon was a couple nights ago at Book Club chez Kyla.  She had read us a portion of her book and of course, being an Elizabeth Berg book, it hit home.

From Range of Motion

They say that one of the reasons for tragedy is that you learn important lessons from it. Appreciation for your normal life, for one thing. A new longing for things only ordinary. The feeling is that we are so caught up in minutiae—slicing tomatoes and filling out forms and waiting in lines and emptying the dryer and looking in the paper for things to do—that we forget how to use what we’ve been given. Therefore we don’t taste the plum. We are blind to the slant of the four o’clock sun against the changing show of leaves. We are deaf to the throaty purity of children’s voices. We are assumed to be rather hopeless—swallowed up by incorrect notions, divorced from the original genius with which we are born, lost within days of living this distracting life. We are capable only of moments, of single seconds of true appreciation and connection. That is the thought.
I never did believe that. I always felt I had a kind of continual appreciation with a flame that did not flicker, despite the ongoing assaults of an imperfect life. I didn’t think I was the only one, either. I thought that all around me were awake people with hearts huge and whole and open. And I wondered, after the accident happened, what is the point in this? Where is the meaning in it? What lesson can I possibly learn?
But sometimes lessons take the crooked path. I mean that I used to wonder how I would feel if I were suddenly plucked from my normal life. I wondered how I would see it; wondered, in fact, if I would see it. I suppose it’s like the desire for a true mirror to reflect all of our parts, both visible and unseen. I think now the accident was a way of that happening. Because I did get plucked from my normal life, put in the position of seeing it from another vantage point. And I would say that I did see it. I would say that I saw and saw and saw it. And though the method is not one I would have chosen to verify a supposition, I would also say that my gratefulness is unutterable.

Have a blessed Christmas, friends.  Enjoy it, love it and don't forget to live every moment.

This post first appeared on Shoes to Shiraz on Dec 20th, 2013.

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  1. Here I am reading your blog and YIKES! The amazing Deena is talking about me?? Thanks Deena. That made my day and I appreciate your amazing support. Joyeux Noël. xo


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