Tradition Makers


Something you start doing because it's important to you?
Something you start doing because it brings you joy?
For me, a tradition forms because both of those elements need to be repeated.

2005- staying in a creepy Travelodge and partying WAY too late and possibly not coming home

And that's exactly what we've done.

Every year since 2005 our high school group of friends have made it a priority to get away for a weekend to refresh and reconnect.  Oh, and to shop.  We have gone to Edmonton for the majority of the trips, with a couple years going to Calgary, Banff and another year Vancouver.    This year marks trip #14 as we head to Edmonton for 3 glorious days together.  We sleep in the mall, we eat in the mall, we giggle in the mall.  It helps that the West Edmonton Mall is the biggest mall in North America so it makes moving in easy.  We did have an ulterior motive this year with a Justin Timberlake concert falling on the Monday, which we had fantastic tickets to but of course he has bruised vocal chords and postponed.  Sigh.  Why can't everybody just be like Britney and lip sync.  That shit never gets cancelled.

Candace- The year we threw Christy a baby shower
My Fave Girl Trip Moments:

1- The Road Trip:  Yes the 5ish hours are long and uneventful but the conversation is killer and the music is 90s and the scenery is magnificent.  Also the company.- being stuck in close confines with my favourite people in the world is the best.  I wish Christy could fly to Saskatoon just so she could drive with us.

The year we saw Britney
2- The Shopping:  As the years have progressed our shopping style has changed.  I remember when we were excited to go to the stores we didn't have at home like Sephora or Bath and Body Works.  Now our focus is more on Simons, Anthropologie..actually all the stores.  Scratch that. We like all the stores.  Afterwards we put on fashion shows and there is always repeat outfits that multiple people buy.
Christy at her first baby shower, the same one where Carmen announced her first pregnancy
3- The meals out: Sitting, visiting, rehashing old memories and not to mention being served and not having to worry about cutting someone else's food.   It doesn't get much better than that.  I love that there are a good 8-10 great restaurants to pick from right in the mall.  At some point it would be nice to venture out and try new stuff around the city- maybe this year will be the year.

The year we took on Vancouver where I was very pregnant.
4- Hotel Room Dance Parties:  Christy has energy for days and gets super giddy when we're all together.  I love the 90s tunes she puts on and how for just a moment we feel young and carefree, like we did in high school.

The girls in Banff where we introduced Christy to bright lipstick.  
5- The memories: We're getting old and life seems to be getting busier but each year we manage to create another pocket full of memories that will keep our friendship going.  That is super important to me.  We've stuck it out through pregnancy and babies and busy lives, but somehow- this one weekend is always sticks out as one of the most important ones for me all year.

I have no clue when this was- but Gina was likely schooling us on brand name jeans

The year there was only Christy and I in Vancouver

Bahahhaah. had to include this one. This was our 10 year trip to Banff
Edmonton 2016

Last year!
I am counting down the minutes until we leave and you can bet I will be cherishing every moment with these women (and likely over-sharing on instagram)

have a great weekend.

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