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Have I ever told you how much I like baseball?
I love baseball.
I love that it's a chill sport to watch yet there is tons of crazy strategy that goes into every pitch.  So when my son fell in love with the game as well, of course I was thrilled and yes, naturally my encouragements pushed him towards the sport but hey- benefit of being a parent- the kids are supposed to live out our childhood dreams, aren't they? No? Oops.

The thing with living in the world we live in is that our outdoor baseball season is quite short.  They try out in March/ in May-July and then they're done.  But when Willis had the opportunity to try out for a fall baseball team starting in August, we jumped on the opportunity to extend his season.  He made the team and they practiced August-November...mostly outdoors and it was a very cold fall so that made for some fun in the snow.   Do you know how much it hurts to hit a ball when it's cold out?

Our fall season culminated this past weekend in Phoenix at the Veteran's Memorial Salute Tournament.

While most players went down for a week to soak in the Arizona sun, we travelled Thursday- Monday and didn't really get a chance to explore the area.  It was really a ballparks of Phoenix tour and I was okay with that but I had that wanderlust feeling while being there, wanting to see more.  Phoenix felt like home- it was flat and you could see sky for days and the heat felt like summers in Saskatchewan- that dry intense heat.  So needless to say I will be hoping and praying that Willis will want to try out again next year for the travel team (and according to him he will- he had such a great experience).

Here are my highlights from the trip:

The extra curricular fun.

We saw the Phoenix Suns take on the Boston Celtics, with the chance to watch warmups and then get on the court after and shoot some hoops.  We also went to an Arizona Fall Baseball League game to see some MLB prospects play (Vlad Guerrero Jr!!!)

The friendships.

Will's team was a combination of players from all the other zones so he got a chance to play with kids he normally played against.  Bonus for us was getting to know other ball crazy families.

The baseball.

I have to keep reminding myself that my child is only 11 cause I feel that I'm super critical of his game.  He is a good little ball player but has so much to learn yet.  Good thing the coaching for Going Yard is fantastic.  The two men in charge were constantly teaching and showing patience to these young boys.  Will improved so much in the 3 months.

Exploring somewhere new.

We stayed at the Arizona Grand Resort which had multiple pools and a whole waterpark/lazy river.  The pools were open and perfectly heated but sadly the waterpark and lazy river were closed for "winter".  We ate delicious food from Mexican to BBQ meat coma to American Diner.  I feel like we barely saw the city and the area around it, leaving us tons that I still want to explore.  I guess we'll have to wait until next year!

Any must dos around Phoenix that I missed?  Clearly the shopping here is amazing but I was actually shopped out...I know, gasp.  Hiking?  Food? Please share!

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