Thanksgiving Looks Good a Month Ago


While the Americans are busy prepping for Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas (I would find it conflicting, I think)...the Canadians have celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago and it's old news.  So instead of boring you with what I wear  for Thanksgiving (nothing special) (also didn't take pictures) I will share with you what I would wear for Thanksgiving if I was American and Thanksgiving was around the corner. 
Key notes here is cozy and comfortable and fun sweaters.

I went for a walk the other day to enjoy the gorgeous weather and the 60 acre woods.  I bet you didn't know that the camera was propped up on the quad.  #talents . I think I was going for monochromatic this day.

Same sweater, different vibe.  Here I was channeling my inner boho babe cause I finally found a hat that fit my fat head.

Alright, back to what I would actually wear for Thanksgiving. Easy.  Cozy sweater and jeans.  I just received this one from Brandsquawk- which is run by a fun lady in Vancouver.  I love the original graphic tees and sweaters she comes up with.

Not to mention is it a perfect saying for me but it's super cozy.  Check out her line and support a Canadian company!

I should end the post with a fun fancy look that I could wear for Thanksgiving but I'm over Thanksgiving so I just wore it for our girls' trip this past weekend in Edmonton.  Burberry cape (Hermoine), Aritzia sweater dress and Poppy Barley wedges.  I kinda wish I would have worn tall black boots with this as it was snowing and cold.

Now go check out these fashionistas who are actually celebrating Thanksgiving soon and may have much better posts than me.  Hope over to our host, Alison's blog and link up with us on the Blended Blog.

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