Holiday. Celebrate in Cape.


Holiday season is here. Well I guess that depends on your level of tree decoratedness. 

Maybe the holidays is still a far flung idea for you or perhaps you're already 80 hours deep into Hallmark movies.  Which by the way, I still don't get.  But I'm not opening that can of worms here- I might as well ask you if you believe in vaccinations.


Right. The Holidays.  Clothing.  Fun.  Some years I am all about dressing up for Christmas and then there are the years that I want to stay in my pyjamas.  Looking back, these are directly related to how I feel about myself and this year I am feeling particularly strong and awesome so I'll likely be dressing up.  But I'm not showing you those outfits until next week when we talk sparkle and pizazz.

This week is all about the comfort and cozy and kinda looking dressed up without putting in too much effort.  For that kind of outfit I pick:
1- dark skinny jeans (they go with everything)
2- a cozy turtleneck (the softer the better)
3- a symbolic necklace (my grandma's china)
4- moccasins (the ultimate winter comfort boot)
5- a cape (always. everyday. all jackets should be capes)
6- a fun tuque (the bigger the pompom the better)

Photo creds to the amazing Larissa at Lovely Roots

Now I could be a good blogger and link all the outfits but I'd rather sleep.  We've got tons of exciting prompts coming up- so here they are if you blog and want to join us!

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