Cozy Sweaters are my jam.


Here's the thing with winter and blogging: the cozy atmosphere of twinkling lights and fireplaces are very conducive to writing.  You'd think that I'd be all over the blogging game right now.  That's somewhat true.  I am loving the act of writing, recording, reflecting and crafting posts- I feel like I have some stories to tell.   But then comes the time for a fashion post which I normally also love but that appreciation takes a turn in the winter.  The temperature outside is impossible for outfit pictures and the lighting indoors is not ideal.  So I start to lose motivation and that is where you find me today.  Mostly lazy and just wanting to cuddle up by the fire.

Luckily the temps this week have been glorious and I was able to ditch the giant jacket in place of Bindi, my cozy and comfy duster that I picked up in Australia.  We're talking women cozy sweater on the Blended Blog today so it worked perfectly for the prompt.  I feel like I live in cozy sweaters in the winter.  I decided to take comfy to another level by pairing it with the Smash and Tess Romper and moccassins.  Perfect for driving kids around for 8 hours, cause everyone loves spending a day in the car.

One of my first fashion posts- January 2014
Now let's do some throwbacks to previous posts with comfy sweaters and much shorter hair:

Style Challenge 2014

This is my fave short hair picture- if my hair could look like this everyday then I would definitely cut it.
November Style Challenge 2014

You can jump over to the Blended Blog to link up, or visit our super cute and wonderful host, Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side.

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