The thing about gratitude.


We're heading into Thanksgiving weekend which is probably my favourite holiday- not only because of the obvious (turkey, ham, perogies, cabbage rolls and pumpkin pie), but because of what the holiday stands for.

Our thanksgiving falls on the second Monday in October and is traditionally used to celebrate the bountiful end of harvest.  But as you know, the weather up here can be wackadoodle and this Thanksgiving finds most farmers still taking their crops off.   Thanks, snow.   But still, Thanksgiving gives us a moment- right in the middle of the crazy- to take a step back and to share in the goodness of our lives with our people.

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for:

  • Having a beautiful home that we can fill with our friends.  We celebrated Thanksgiving with our peeps last weekend and it always fills my heart right up to the brim when I have the most important people in my life packed into my house.  This was the last year hosting Friendsgiving in this home - which didn't really make me sad but rather made me SUPER excited to host my first one next year in the new place.  Post about Friendsgiving to come once I get all my thoughts and words in order.
  • Being able to break bread with my family.  I love sitting in a house that smells like a freshly roasted turkey and having all the windows are all fogged up and everyone is napping from turkey comas.  I love going for a walk after supper and breathing in that fresh, crisp air which is always a shocking contrast from the toasty house.
  • Living in a place where we see the colourful glories of four seasons and don't have the threat from many natural disasters.  Unless you count the blizzards and frostbite.
  • Two kids who giggle, smile and share stories from their day.  I am grateful they get along so well but also know how to fight and argue and stick up for themselves.  I think I just love their interactions, regardless the flavour.
  • This husband of mine who puts up with my attitude, my excessive spending and dire need for backrubs.  I'm a lucky lady to have him.
  • The opportunity to build the house of my dreams on the most magical and whimsical property.
Actual footage from Turkey Coma, circa 2007
The Story of Us- pre kids

But mostly I am grateful for the people I get to share this life with and that means you too!  Thanks for coming back here despite my randomness and inability to properly place commas in sentences.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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