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I thought I'd tie in a Thanksgiving post with the self care theme that is happening over on the Blended Blog.  We have already celebrated with both sides of our family so today will be spent getting some yard work done (before the snow flies) (which is forecasted to come today) but also I will be using the downtime to sit, drink my coffee and reflect.

When I learned how to take care of myself and when I realized what my triggers were to pushing me over the edge exhaustion/doneness/feelingunappreciated, things started to turn around.  Now I have a handful of actions I can take to heal my heart and put my mind in the right space.
One of those things is meditation- I posted about it here.  Another is some time with my friends.  I'm also getting much better at just sitting down and being.

With Thanksgiving and the turkey coma wrapped up (and stored for future turkey soup making),  I thought I'd share what our Thanksgiving looked like from an angle of things that brought me joy or

I got outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather (why is it that 10 degrees- 50F- feels tropical when you've been freezing for so long?)

I ate my weigh in turkey and promptly had a nap- well minus the nap but I did rest.  And I did eat without regret or worrying about diet.  I don't believe in restricting myself to just greens on feast days.
I was surrounded by people I love.
I put a little extra whipped cream on my pumpkin pie but also I had a slice of all the pies because I couldn't decide and my mom is a master pie maker.
I got to see a sunrise and a sunset- I love the golden hues of autumn.

I gave thanks for all the good in my life- working on my gratitude as part of Rachel Hollis' #last90dayschallenge.
I hugged someone
I thanked someone

I took a little time for myself (watching Downton Abbey while doing my hair and makeup)
I sat on the couch and just took it all in. (with coffee and cozy reading socks)

I lounged in my pyjamas a little longer than usual
I caught up on my tv shows and played board games.

When I think about it, these little actions are things that happen on the daily but when I'm more aware of the goodness they are for my soul, they become so very powerful in my well being.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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