Graphic Tees for Days


I could wear a graphic tee everyday and at this rate I probably have enough in my closet that I could.  But hey- when you like something you get it all in all the colours, non?  Well then, same goes for graphic tees.

On our last night in? on? at? Hilton Head we were fully engrossed in giggles and a game of Cards Against Humanity when we realized the sun was setting and we needed to boot it to the beach to catch the sunset.  In less than 11 minutes we were out of our pyjamas and into some fun photographable outfits.

I only brought one graphic tee on the trip and it's actually a tank top because the humidity and hot at Hilton Head was no joke.  I don't know how locals even wear clothing here- it is that ridiculous.

We took so many fun photos that I'll have to get to later when I get organized and am able to process my thoughts on these 5 days away with my online besties.  I feel like I've gotten to know them so well that I could pick out an outfit perfectly suited for their style.  

For me, I'd bet they'd pick a graphic tee or maybe something bold.  Or a cape.  But that's all for another post.  For today, let's rock the graphic tee.

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