Travel Day Down Under


Because today was a travel day, I thought I'd share a little about what we've discussed/observed pretty much non-stop since arriving.

  • The lack of tipping culture is refreshing.  It's so nice to not be expected to big 800393% on your bill.  It makes us wonder how people survive. The dollar is the same to the Canadian dollar but things are more expensive here, yet minimum wage is 18.93$ an hour.
  • Meals take a long time, especially if you order a starter.  But then again, that may be because we were in a small seaside town.
  • There are bathrooms everywhere and I didn't see any homeless people.
  • There aren't many garbages but it's super clean.
  • Rising early is a thing- going to bed late, not so much.  But we were also at a family resort with tons of tired parents toting around young children.  
  • Uber drivers are the most interesting people.
  • Actually everyone here is super friendly.
  • Dan bought a SkyRoam Hotspot so we could have wifi anywhere we went.  It has been very handy, especially when you're out and want to book an Uber. 

There were some notable things that happened the hour I got to myself in the hotel room while Dan took the kids for a morning swim.  I had a bath on our deck and it was the most luxurious thing I've ever done.

We arrived in Sydney late this afternoon in time to get to our hotel to adventure a little bit around the area and grab some supper. First impression of downtown Sydney? Freaking beautiful.  I can't wait to explore more.  We haven't booked anything yet but have a list of things we want to do, so we'll see what we can get to in the next couple days.


  1. I'm getting some major travel envy over here! You know, if you need someone to cart around your luggage on your next trip, I'm your girl :) But really, a bath on the patio?!

  2. You had me at no tipping and bathrooms everywhere! When we were in San Francisco they had pay by the minute toilets on the side of the street. If you weren't done when time was up the door opened! Yuck!! And friendly people? Sounds like a little slice of heaven on earth!

  3. Your pictures of Sydney are gorgeous!

    1. You are gorgeous. The end. Also- I have 10 hours to waste in Vancouver next week. Tempted to drive over and see you.


Have a lovely day!

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