Summer out. Cozy in.


Our summer is marked by two weekends: May Long and September Long.  Unfortunately this weekend marks the end of the long embrace of summer and the return of bells, agendas, busy timetables and bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils.  I'm mostly ready for it because I am a sucker for change.

Let's take a look at how our summer looked with the highs and the lows:

The highs
I lost 10 pounds to start the summer off and it felt great to have room in my clothes and have to retire some pieces.
We explored close to home, saw new things and had many pool parties.
The campfires in the backyard were divine.  So were the s'moreos.
Lots and lots of time with the kids...but see also the lows.

The lows
The smoke really changed the last month- it made us not want to be outside and it wasn't as warm as we normally get so we barely used the pool in the last 2 weeks.
I didn't book any camps for my kids and I should have thrown at least one in for some diversion...we had tons of time together and they have started to drive me nuts.
I lost my blogging and creativity mojo.
I didn't lose the additional 10 pounds I wanted by Sept.  Ah well.

But I'm hoping all that will be back in the forefront as my motivation for the fall as I get back into blogging, healthier eating and major routine.  But first, let's talk cozy.

1.  Slippers - Absolutely all day every day and sometimes out in the yard.  With this stupid plantar's fasciitis messing with my foot, I have been putting my insoles into my slippers...they are quite worn and I'm ready for a new pair.  My go-to slippers are padraigs.  I have these and will order my replacement pair from here.

2.  Fave blanket?  True story...I had a blankie from birth until I met Dan and he made me throw the scraps away because by that point it no longer resembled a blankie.  Now my favourite blankets are the one that come out from Indigo (here) - I have slowly acquired multiple colours and look forward to adding to the collection this fall.  Speaking of my blankie- I couldn't find any pictures of me as a child with it (??) but there were ample pictures of me as a teenager with it..

Well this is actually my Quebecoise twin, Annick, wearing my blanket at her Deena shrine.

Or there it is on my bed when I was at Laval University in Quebec City. I think that was my birthday - I came home to my room full of chocolate bars.

3. Thin or Thick Pillow- I like fluffy and soft like a cloud but it usually gives me a neck ache so I revert to my memory foam cooling's kinda firm?  We had a good discussion this weekend...why is it that men don't get the importance of pillows on a couch....

4. Fave Warm  Need you even ask?

5. Robe? Only when I am just out of the tub.  I'd rather wear pajamas.

6. Fave comfort food...sadly all of it.

7. Movies or TV Binge? Currently Downton Abbey, next up I'm thinking of rewatching Parenthood or Gilmore Girls.

8. PJs or leggings? Usually a short nightgown or just underwear.  Honestly, I like sleeping naked cause then the sheets don't get all messed up in my clothes.  I'm assuming we're talking pajamas here...because I also like to lounge in either leggings or pjs.

9. Cozy on couch or chair?  When watching TV I am on the couch and if it's the morning with my coffee it's the rocking chair or the nest chair.

Real life blogging this post, cuddled in my fave blanket...and for the record I have leggings on under it.

I am from Saskatchewan after all.

Linking up with the ladies from TBB.
Stay tuned as this blog transforms into my Australia travel journal later this week.


  1. The DEENA shrine, LOVE!!!! The Willis tee is brilliant and so are you!! Looking cute and comfy and kiss a koala for me!

  2. Looking fab friend!! Downton Abbey is one of my faves...hope you are loving it. Planter fasciitis is NOT FUN!! And you had to throw out your blankie???? Booooo.... I still have ONE SMALL SCRAP of my blankie!!! LOL Have an awesome trip!!!

  3. I'm with you on comfort food - give it all to me, I can just decide on one. I consider myself an equally opportunity offender - I eat everything!

  4. I feel like I need a Deena shrine now. I love that I've been to your house now and can picture you everywhere!

  5. Coffee, how did I not think of coffee????

  6. Yes to all the comfort food! And I'm with you on losing 10 pounds and getting healthy. 20 year reunion is coming up...need to get in shape, hehe :) But most likely good food will get in the way :)


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