Plaid is not a Fad.


Actually, it kinda makes me glad that plaid is not a fad.
To me that isn't bad but rather wearing it makes me feel rad.

Sorry. I have had too much pop, not enough sleep and I'm in my pyjamas.  I have gotten way too comfy with life and it has resulted in bad poetry.

OOh man, I should never have left this post and got distracted with life because now it's later and I'm sitting down to finish it and it makes zero sense and I've lost my words.  

So, about flannel and plaid shirts.

I like mine oversized and preferably buffalo-flavoured with a side of Lana because she made photoshoots fun. I wonder what she was trying to explain to me in this picture- I seem very intrigued or amused.

My plaid shirts are always layered over a basic tee or when I'm feeling extra fun, I'll put a graphic tee underneath, like my new one from Hardpressed. To be honest, I'm not sure where the plaid shirt is from...likely Old Navy.

Well, wasn't that a super-serious fashiony post......*insert eye roll* hopefully I'll have something more coherent for you next week.  Let's blame jetlag on this rambly mess.

Thanks to Larissa from Lovely Roots for the photos that capture our personalities :)
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  1. I love plaid! It's been a part of my wardrobe for forever!

  2. I love a fun rhyme, channeling your inner Dr. Seuss!

  3. You photoshoot babes, pretty cute plaid subjects if you ask me!

  4. I love that picture of you guys talking! And, I am glad plaid is not fad, too.

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