My yet to be named Fall Kimono


What perfect timing to get back into fashion posts with our #theblendedblogstyle prompt for today being a fall kimono.

A darker hued light kimono has been on my wishlist for awhile but I haven't found anything that catches my eye.  So when I was shopping in Sydney last week I knew exactly what I had to have the minute I saw it.

First off you need to know that I have by observing and analyzing my closet- I have identified an issue I have: no husband, it is not that I have too much clothing.  Rather, when I shop I tend to gravitate to the crazier, bold pieces- which is fine- except that's all I tend to by so I just have a wardrobe of bold prints that don't go together.  I know I need to build my neutrals.  So I was focusing on neutrals when I was shopping and I found the perfect piece.

Second thing I feel compelled to explain is that if I'm travelling abroad, I like to bring home a piece from a local designer.  Hence Virginia coming home with me from London.

So when I saw a cute little pop up boutique in the giant and labyrinth-like mall and I recognized it as being an Australian label from my "research" I knew I had to investigate.

Friend of Audrey  is a line that celebrates timeless pieces and I loved the palette and the masculinity of the shapes.  I fell in love with this duster cardigan and after exploring all my options, I had to come back and get it.

Sure, it's not really the piece you'd picture getting in hot looks more like something I would have picked up in Scotland...but bathing suit season is long gone in my world right now ( we are expecting flurries this week, sigh) so I knew it would be perfect.

And because I like to name my memorable pieces and I didn't have a name for her yet when I started this post- I have decided now that I'm going to name her Bindi.

I can't wait to see your fall kimono looks!  Please point me in the direction of a perfect rich hued lighter version if you see one as I'm still daydreaming.


  1. So warm and cozy... ive also been loving the warmer, long cardigans! And flurries!? Are you kidding me?

  2. I love it! You’ll gravitate towards the brilliant neutral piece this Fall/Winter. Yes, hubs heard it has snowed up your way.

  3. I'm the same way. I love the fun and unique pieces, but then I realize I need some basics too!!
    How fun that you name your clothes...I might run out of names if I did that...LOL!!

  4. My goodness this looks comfy!! Lovely kimono/duster!

    xx, Elise

  5. I love it! And Bindi is a perfect name.

  6. Bindi! What is the texture like? It looks super soft!

  7. Oh Bindi looks so comfortable and cozy! And she has pockets!!! Love it. The color is fabulous too - good job!

  8. I love that you noticed that and really looked into buying something more neutral. And Bindi does look really comfy cozy.

  9. I love that sweater and the sweater dress underneath! I gravitate towards only neutrals (other than leopard) - so for me it is the opposite challenge - finding prints and some excitement.

    Daily Style Finds

  10. What a lovely piece to remember your trip with! I try to buy pieces as mementos of trips too. Looks like it will be perfect for your upcoming colder weather! :)

    Hope you are having a nice weekend :) It's a really sunny and warm day today, we've been to the park :)

    Away From The Blue Blog


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