Now and then I wear nice clothes.


Somedays I feel super inspired and want to take pictures of what I wear and actually want to put together nice outfits.  Other days I look like I'm either just waking up or going to bed...but nonetheless here are some pictures of what I have been wearing this week:

1) Tons of time spent on site with meetings for the new house.  I do hard hats my way.....

2) Lots of lazy time at home with the kids playing and building and wearing sweats.

3) Movie date night with my friends .... sometimes I like going to theatres simply because they're always cold and I can wear pants.  Like these Express khaki crop jeans and my fave sweater from Theory...two of my fave purchases from NYC.

4) So I spent the last month hunting down the perfect fanny pack or belt bag...mostly because I want one for travelling in Australia but mostly because I think they're cool. 

That's it- link up your fashion posts with us today!


  1. I love your Gangsta Rap tee and aren't you adorable in your hard hat! The movies are always chilly and the perfect place to wear layers! In our theaters that have the reclining seats I can get so cozy I have to be careful I don't fall asleep!

  2. To me all this means is you are enjoying life to the fullest! Getting dressed up is fun but I’ve learned I’m way happier in a graphic tee doing my thang! You look so happy and cute in every ensemble!!

  3. You are so cute especially as a construction worker. 😊


Have a lovely day!

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