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Summer holiday Mondays are my favourite kind of Mondays- especially when its Canada Day long weekend and there is fun to be had.  We spent the weekend in Edmonton being very Canadian in an igloo themed room while my son was at a basketball tournament. 

Another reason I am not minding Mondays is because they are my weigh-in days.  If you are following me on Instagram you would know that as my Monday posts are always weigh-in posts. Some are wins and some aren't but moral of the story is that I started making changes and it's paying off.  Yes, I am currently kicking ass on Weight Watchers since the beginning of May and am down 11 lbs.
Thirdly, you can't go wrong on a Monday when you have a post made for you as it is our monthly TBB along with us in the comments if you want!

1.  Vacation? I'm not planning anything big this summer aside from ball provincials in Regina.   Never been to Regina? It's an intriguing place, even Jimmy Fallon thinks so:

Anyway...that made me giggle.  Also, I kinda think Jimmy Fallon is sexy. Also Seth Meyers.  Right. Vacation.  We're going to Australia in September, so we're laying low in the Prairies this summer.

2. Relax or do it all type?  I'm a planner, my husband likes to fly by the seat of his pants so I would say our vacations have morphed into a bizarre combo of both.  I hate being rushed with a million things to do but also, I like order?

3.  Vacation month preference? All of them? Actually no. I hate crowds so the uncrowded ones.  I also don't like missing events at home, so preferably the months that aren't busy.   I am pretty sure it is going to drive me batty missing the back to school fun routine when we take our official summer vacation this year.

4.  Cruise? It does not interest me to be confined to a boat with thousands of people in the middle of the ocean.  I would rather stay home.

5.  Fave vacation tradition? hmmmmm...I don't think we have any and also I didn't realize that could be a thing.  Now you have me thinking.  I suppose when I was younger I loved our 14 hour road trips to Vernon, BC and the mixed tapes I'd force everyone to listen to.

6. Most memorable vacation? We spent the weekend talking about our Seattle road trip a couple summers was a long drive but totally fantastic. I'd do that trip again.

7.  Pack all or light? I don't understand this concept of "packing light"....

8.  Hotel, Condo or House? 100% hotel.  Then I don't have to make my bed.

9. Fave thing to eat on vacation.  WELL, if you read my NYC posts from last week then you know that my answer is EVERYTHING.  But come on, when on vacation one must relax and have fun.  Plus, I find if I can let go for a bit, I come back stronger.

10.  Warm or cold destination? Not crazy hot, not crazy cold but somewhere in between.  I think that's why I like Scotland so much.  You will never see me as the old snowbird, living out my winters in Arizona with all the other Canadians...nope, my second home will be in Scotland.

That's it for this beautiful Monday, Monday!


  1. Somewhere In Between is perfect..just like you! Sooo proud of you down lbs! You go girl..get jiggly with it! Have no idea why I quoted the Fresh Prince, lol!

  2. yay for being down 11 pounds! That's great! I agree eat all the food on vacation, those calories don't count right? and every month should be a vacation month. Can't wait to see pictures of your Australia. So fun!

    1. I just hope I can get back on a role after these little vacays.

  3. That igloo themed room is amazing! How fun!
    Australia in August sounds terrific too. Never been to Scotland but I'd sure love to go!

  4. Yes please to another Seattle roadtrip. Lucia needs to see the Space Needle.

    1. It will happen again! There is so much I want to see around there.

  5. Jimmy!! I think my next vacation has to be to Canada!! And Scotland!! And the not crowded months...I like that! That's why I never go to vacation over school breaks!!

  6. I love your response to cruises - I'm with you!

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  7. I'm totally with you on staying in a hotel. I always joke with my family that my favorite part of the day on vacation is walking into the clean room with the beds made. That igloo fun!


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