Wistful Wednesday 3


{Wistful Wednesday}
~A weekly ritual. A single photo capturing a moment from the week. 
A simple, special, extraordinary memory that I want to freeze, savour and remember~

There was a beautiful storm that passed right beside our house this week. I would have loved to have had it right over us- that smell of fresh rain and the comfort of a cozy home brings me so much joy.  Instead I got to watch from the sidelines as it dumped over the surrounding communities which we have a view of from our hill.  Why was this actually such a great moment, aside from the obvious olfactoric (totes made that word up) gains of  a summer storm?  Well, it was a moment that I just didn't bypass because I had shit to do.  I didn't go in from the deck to occupy the kids.  Instead I stayed out there, (clearly unnoticed because somehow my kids always find me when I manage to get some alone time) and I soaked up the beauty of our world.  Working on being more present and enjoying the moments- this was a good one.


Fashionally (yup, invented that one too)- it was a good week.  Well at least for one day.  I wore my romper out in public again and I got compliments on it this time.  Amazeballs I tell ya.  I'm not sure if it is how I styled it or that perhaps I carried myself with a higher level of zero effs given, but regardless I won.

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  1. LOL, zero offs given..love and LOVE the romper to bits and the storm photo..so majestical!!

  2. I love these words you’re creating LOL. That romper is on point!

  3. That photo is amazing - a beautiful storm indeed!

  4. Cannot wait to come visit your beautiful world!

  5. Being in the present. Enjoying the moment. Still a work in progress for me but I feel like I have more moments in life that I am just sitting still, taking it in and breathing. Sometimes I reach for the camera but more often I am actually trying not to, but to just let my mind capture it and store it.

  6. I love a good thunderstorm. This picture is amazing!

  7. Wow!! I love watching storms approach (or in this case, come near, lol). The home I grew up in was surrounded by nothing but fields so watching them approach was amazing:)

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