NYC 2: the one where we spent all the money


I think I'm still in a food coma from yesterday and all the deliciousness of today didn't help.  I sure hope I don't gain back the 10 lbs I've lost. Sigh.

Today was our shop day and we spent 6 glorious hours at Woodbury Common Outlet which is an hour ish bus trip out of the city into the beautiful hilly tree area of somewhere else in New York.  I wasn't paying attention, I was too excited to shop.  And no, we didn't buy any shoes to scuff before we cross the border in case you were wondering.

We all had our wants and I think we found those wants and then some.
Highlights for Jen were her 3 Marc Jacob purses.
Best buy for Kyla is all of her purchases.
Mom's fave purchase is her purse
and my fave was my jacket.

I actually tried on a classic trench from the Burberry store on 5th Ave, it was beautiful and fit perfectly but was 2000$.  While I loved it- I plan on losing more weight before next year so I thought that would be a dumb purchase.  Instead it has now been placed as my end game goal prize.  Luckily I found an even more perfect piece from the Burberry outlet which was a third of the price.  A Deena cape!

Our evening was spent being entertained at Ellen's Stardust diner where we sang, danced and ate way too much.  And now I'm too tired to type any more so good night!


  1. Another fun day! Good for you, having an end goal to motivate you is a great idea. That cape is awesome!

  2. What an amazing trip for you ladies. I am living vicariously through you.
    Safe travels home.

  3. What a fun adventure, and gaining a little, totally worth it for yummy food! Love that cape and good prize to look forward to!


Have a lovely day!

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