The Entertainer.

by - May 13, 2018

My big list of things that have been entertaining me:

  • Not blogging.  Or rather going through random spurts of inspiration which usually end in me completely forgetting that I had wanted to post something.
  • Watching the sunset, wishing I could wake up early for sunrise.  But sleep is gooood.
  • Online window shopping for mostly everything but clothes.  Most recently (5 minutes ago) bought some Hask shampoo from Amazon.
  • Exercising daily.  Except for today. Gotta have one day of rest.
  • Hanging out with my hubby and enjoying every minute of it.
  • Planning all the fun excursions for the upcoming months.
  • I re-watched all of the Office and just finished it last night. Now I need another series to watch....any suggestions? I was thinking maybe Scandal? I like to laugh though.
  • I haven't been to the movies in ages but there are tons of shows I want to see, so I gotta do something about that.  Also popcorn.
  • Yard prep for summer is almost done.  This week my goal is to finish tidying up the flower beds so I can plant next week.  The garden was planted this weekend!
  • Ball season is in full swing and basketball is approaching the end. Our nights are FUULLLLL.  I will only get in one of my games with my team this month as they ended up falling on the nights that I'm coaching Lucia...but I had a great first outing in four years!  I hit a triple, two singles and flied out to right.   
  • I've been just kinda into books lately.  I have been occupying myself reading the Tudor series- I have been fascinated with royal history.  Then my sister and mom recommended books from the 70s by Helene Hanff.  They made me want to go back to should definitely give them a try:   84, Charing Cross Road and the Duchess of Bloomsberry Street are the ones I just finished.
  • Our house is dug!  Concrete should be poured this week.  I need to really start thinking interior but have lost my drive.  Maybe next week.

And that has been what has been keeping me entertained.  Linking up with the girls from the Blended Blog!

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  1. Lots on your plate! Enjoy all the time with the hubs!

  2. Look how cute and ultra cool you look in yiur softball uniform!!! Way to hit girl!Eek so excited for your house.

  3. Parks and Rec! Have you watched it yet? If you loved The Office, you'll love Parks and Rec. You'll definitely laugh.

  4. You even make a baseball uniform look amazing.

  5. I'm looking forward to watching your house come to fruition. I know it will be absolutely beautiful.

  6. I can't wait to watch your house being built, then WHEN I come visit, let's just watch movies and eat popcorn all day. The kids and men can go do something else. hehe.

  7. Kim's Convenience or Schitt's Creek, both funny and quick to watch. We finished Scandal and it was mostly good, but a few seasons were just something to watch. My favorite new drama, crime mystery, British, was Broad Church. SO GOOD. I am not one to get hooked and need to watch it all the time but this one, I couldn't stop. Thankfully the seasons are short. LOL.

  8. Lots going on lady!! Love that you are playing ball and spending time with fam! Love that the blog lets us follow along on the home build!! Continued luck!!


Have a lovely day!