TBB ASKS: Spring Edition


I would love to talk to you about Spring, about how we're enjoying the fresh outdoors, with the sweet sounds of birds chirping and snow melting.  But nope.  We're in the -30s again and can't seem to snap out of winter. 
I will attempt to get out of this 4th winter funk by joining in the TBB ASKS spring themed fun,

1. Spring starts when I bring out my Bluebellgray pillows and decor.  So definitely anything floral screams spring to me.

2. The first thing added to my wardrobe in the spring is something purpley- and that usually means me rotating all the colouring clothing out of the archives and bringing out fun jackets, like Virginia.

3.  First thing that is ditched is my winter jacket.  It still is winter jacket weather but I'm mentally over it so just wear bunnyhugs with puffer vests.

4. I love mowing the grass so usually around the house it is either me or Will.  The hubby takes care of the larger area that needs the tractor,

5. Spring chez nous is different every year.  Sometimes, like this year, we can be out snowmobiling or skiing and there's a wind chill.  Other times we're in shorts.

6. I love the smells of spring- melting snow...grass...bbqs

7. I'm an always cleaner...spring fall summer and winter.  I have constant projects happening that involve cleaning and organizing so nothing special right now.

8. UM YES! I love ball.  This year Will and Lucy will be playing and I will be back on the diamonds playing again too.  Oh and also I love the Blue Jays and listen to or watch every game, but you probably already knew that.

9. Tulips anyday everyday

10.  Spring Activity: ball season
11. Flowers outside will freeze still until June here. So flowers indoors.
12. Fave bird: Blue Jay :)
13. Car wash all the way...tough living on an acreage- it gets dirty so quickly.
14. I pull out my sandals after the 8th winter, usually in June.
Now come on, bring on spring.  I'm going to try to get clothing motivated again by playing along with our fashion prompts. Join us on Instagram if you want!


  1. Oh yes, all things floral for Spring!

  2. Love that purpley frock! Yep, I’d love to be immersed in Spring as well here too but alas 30’s for us today, snow on Wednesday and 2/3 of our sons BB games cancelled so far. Not funny old man Winter, not funny! xo

  3. I love that purple coat on you. I need to go out and buy some Spring floral accessories for my house. Have a wonderful week!

  4. Love the photo of the tulips on the table and whatever the other bulb thing is growing in the glass vase! You are so cute in the baseball photo and I LOVE that colorful chair and those floral pillows!


  5. Yes to tulips! I love that purpley coat. So pretty and a great color on you.

  6. LOVE your spring decor, but mostly seeing you in all your Jay-loving glory!

  7. Is it weird that I want to come take a nap in your pretty bedroom?

  8. I'm so ready for the spring and for it to actually FEEL like it outside. Ooh love your purple jacket!! I do love all things purple.


  9. I feel like we're in 4th winter here too! Love all the pops of color around your home!

  10. LOL I'm laughing over your 8th winter--laughing in commiseration as it's supposed to snow here on Friday. I love all your floral prints--that chair especially, it is GORGEOUS!! I love those purple tulips too.

  11. I love any time Virginia makes an appearance!


Have a lovely day!

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