But I still love P!NK

by - March 29, 2018

It started as a trip for Kyla and I to see P!NK in Montreal.
Then we decided it was about time that we had a siblings and spouses getaway. 
And then we saw it coincided with Robbie's bday and the Jays playing 2 exhibition games in Montreal.
That's when we realized it was the perfect mini vacay for some family time because to me, it's just as important to work on those adult relationships as it is with the little ones.
Except P!NK had to postpone the concert as she was sick.  I get it. I feel like we've been sick for 74% of the winter.  But I was still sad.
Luckily, one can be easily distracted when in la belle province, exploring the beautiful city of Montreal.  Here's a little of what we did:

1)Visited the work place of my 'jumelle Québecoise'.  I haven't seen her in ten years and it was so wonderful to see her again.  We also went for supper with her family and were just missing my parents for our little family reunion.  I loved seeing my brother and sister back with Annick and am so happy they got to meet her brother and parents.  Annick has two kids who are the same age as my kids, so you can bet we will be bringing those cuties together someday!

2) We stayed at le Centre Sheraton right in the heart of downtown.  It was close to shopping on all the fun streets and a quick 30 min walk to le vieux Montreal.  Subways and the underground tunnels are super easy to navigate around that area too.

3) One cannot visit Québec and not eat all the food. So many restaurants. So much good beer.  We did the poutine, we did the Montreal smoked meat at the iconic resto, Schwartz.  We ate outside on a patio in the sunshine in March whilst it blizzarded at home.  We had a night cap every evening after our adventures in the hotel restobar.

4) We shopped and visited a spa.  Yes. A spa.  We even got the boys there.  We picked BotaBota which is a Nordic spa on an old barge in la fleuve St-Laurent.  That was an awesome way to start a day and the views were insane.  As for shopping we visited some typical stores Montréalais comme Ogilvy, Holt Renfrew, Simons, Boutique 1861.  We shopped on la rue Sherbrooke, la rue St-Catherine et la rue St-Laurent.  We had tons of success at a place called COS which is Européen and kinda different.

5) Lastly, we visited la Stade Olympique and watched an MLB game.  It was Jen's first MLB game and although it didn't count, it was entertaining nonetheless.  Well I thought so anyway.  Stroman pitched (yay!) and we got to see top prospects Bo Bichette and Vlad Guerrero Jr. make their débuts.  What was really cool was that Vlad is 19, his Dad played with the Expos and the crowd went crazy.  Kinda sad we weren't at the next game where he hit a walk off homerun!  It was still a great experience.

Bichette on first, Guerrero at the plate

I missed the kids like crazy on this trip and Lucia was really sad I was gone- but I also really enjoyed the quality time with my people.   It was super fun speaking french too.
À la prochaine!

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  1. What a super time for you kids! No one answered me though about that huge poster on building. Was it Leonard cohen?

  2. I am so sorry about P!NK but I knew you’d make the most of it with your sweet crew. Love the picture of you at the game in your ball cap. You look so relaxed and carefree!

  3. Another place I'd love to visit. But I'm bringing you with me to help with le francais and make sure I don't order weird drinks.

  4. How fun! Boo about Pink, but at least you got some good family time in!

  5. Well you definitely made the best of it and I have to say you look adorable in every picture!
    I need to book a trip to Canada!

  6. What a beautiful town and I am glad that baseball is back.

  7. Oh gbirl, you make me just want to be a professional traveler. I wish that was my job or that my job afforded it, HAHAHA. Montreal and Quebec are on my bucket list and I very much want to leave the kiddos behind, at least for the time being. You also make me miss my sister, it's been way too long. You inspire me to make more time for travel and family, maybe I just need to mesh them together like you. :)

  8. Those extensions, every time I see them, fabulous!


Have a lovely day!