by - February 05, 2018

I love bringing in a new month with this fun series!  

1.  Kisses or Hugs?  Hugs galore.  I cuddle into my husband and everything in the world is right.  My fave is also snuggling my kids to bed. Although Willis isn't a fan of that anymore. Sigh.
2. Candy or Flowers? Flowers.  I try to have fresh flowers somewhere in the house at all times.
was looking for flower pictures and found this oldie from 2013... I couldn't resist.
3. Baking or Cooking? I like doing both those things and am starting to feel more motivated in the kitchen again after a couple weeks of being sick and blah.
4. Do you remember your first kiss? April 10. Grade 7. My basement during my birthday party while slow dancing to Tears in Heaven.
5. Favourite color of roses. All the colours. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
6. Conversation hearts- yes or no?  Indifferent.
7. Do you leave love notes? Very randomly and usually in my kids' lunches or when I leave for a trip.  Lucia hates when I leave, she always gets something special.

8. Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?  I sure do! My winter twinkly lights are still up and I've accented with reds and pinks.  After Valentine's Day I do a good pre-spring clean and then March 1 I'll put up my Easter and Spring decor.

9. Red or Pink? Purple
10. Milk, White or Dark Chocolate? I will accept any chocolate at any time. Mmmmmm, can I pick Peanut M&Ms as my current fave?
11. Do you believe in love at first sight? Not really but somehow I knew very quickly with Dan that the game was over and I had my guy.

12. Humourous or serious Valentine cards? Do I do anything seriously?
13. Fave chick flick or romantic movie.  Crazy Stupid Love.
14. Stay in or Go out? Once upon a time we'd go out, but Valentines is a busy night for Skip, so typically we stay home.  I love cuddling with my little ones anyway.

Bring on spring!

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  1. Oh, yes, I can see you in purple not pink or red now I think about it. You are one of the best huggers, friend!

  2. I agree with Carrie, you are the BEST Hugger. That pic of you and Dan...so precious and the one of little Lucia...adorable!! Another basement kisser huh, me too. Man we all had a ball in my parent's basement, lol! Have a "LOVE"ly day! xo

  3. These pics are so sweet! I love that you knew very quickly that you found your guy! It was the same for me and my husband! Hope you and your family enjoy a sweet upcoming Valentine's Day!
    - Brenda // ChattingOverChocolate.com

  4. For the life of me I can’t remeber who your first kiss was.... or my own.

  5. Your first kiss sounds so dreamy! Haha! And I love that you picked purple, you rebel.

  6. Lol, purple! One of my favorite colors. Yes to all of the Deena hugs, I love Deena hugs too :) Oh Crazy Stupid Love, I just bought that movie a few months ago...love all chick flicks really.

  7. Love your first kiss story!! And when you know...you know!!

  8. Of course you decorate because you are awesome at home decore! I don't want a cleaner I just want someone to stage my house. Haha. Love reading these quick snippets and really want to actually participate at some point

  9. If it’s ok with you I would love to feature these questions on my insta-story, it would be so much fun. Hugs are sooooo sweet. I would rather flowers also, until midnight strikes and I’m searching for something sweet silently cursing my boyfriend, lol. Dark Chocolate is my Jam. It was 75 degrees on Saturday… Spring has Sprung in Northern California. Have a great week Deena

  10. Two things #1 I was really curious what you would say between cooking and baking, your answer does not surprise me and #2 I love that you put the quote in there for rose. Happy Monday!

  11. omg that last pic!!!!
    of course you decorate, because you're awesome... feel free to come decorate my place


Have a lovely day!