My Valentine Reality.

by - February 14, 2018

There once was a time when I could force get my kids to do fun photo shoots for things like Valentines or Christmas or even random Tuesdays.  Well, those days are clearly long gone.

What I wouldn't give to have a 10 year old who was THRILLED that his mom wanted to take his picture AGAIN.  Also, I would appreciate having a 10 year old who didn't roll his eyes at me every other second.

So a couple weeks when I asked the kids if I could do my yearly Valentines' photo shoot...this is what I got from the manchild.


Lucia on the other hand is totally cooperative...unless I ask her to do something she doesn't like.  Which is apparent in photo numero 1.

So times have changed, I guess that calls for me to alter my tactics on photoshoots. And maybe not have them in their pajamas.

As for me, at least I got to wear my Valentines' sweater and be fashiony for once.

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  1. Oh my love, I remember those days. Lucia perked up pretty cute there. And look at your rainbow heart, it gave me my morning smile, sweet Valentine!!! Love ya! xo

  2. Somehow I think you are always fashiony.

  3. Someday they will grow out of the eye rolling stage, I promise. But mine still don't like to get their pictures taken. We're kind of twinsies today. Happy love day!

  4. LOL!! Love this!! And how cute is your sweater! Just perfect!!

  5. NOOO!!!! Say it isn't so, that one day I won't be able to force them to do photo shoots, dang it! Love that sweater, perfect for today!

  6. So cute! Your kiddos crack me up. I adore that sweater.

  7. I tell my boys all the time to go ahead and act irritated in pictures. When we show them at your wedding you'll be the one who's embarrassed! That usually does the trick. #mamadontplay

  8. OH those faces, so sweet, even when they're feeling a tad like not doing what mom wants. And I LOVE that sweater - the colors make it easy to wear whenever, not just on Valentines Day!

    Black Coffee Beautiful

  9. I heart your chair. And it matches your heart sweater. If that isn’t a win, I don’t know what is.


Have a lovely day!